CVM Introduces Drinks & Demos: An Evening of Classic Cocktails & Emerging Technology

Here at CVM we spend a lot of time around new technology. We also spend a lot of time around business owners, investors, brand marketers, and other people who are interested in the latest and greatest–but don’t often find themselves in a position to discover it.

As it happens, our good friend, William O’Donnell who works at Mackevision, a digital agency that’s leading the way in GGI, VR and other visual effects (you may have heard of a little show they work on called Game of Thrones), spends just about every day working with big brand marketers. And he, too, was discovering a real hunger among his brand partners for regular opportunities to discover relevant, inspiring technology.

So we had this idea: What if we put together an event that would bring together the people who are creating great technology, but often have a hard time showing it off to the right people, with all those people who are so eager to learn about the next big thing? And what if we did it in a way that was fun and low key, where alcohol consumption was encouraged and meeting new people and technologies might feel more like surprise-and-delight rather than obligatory networking and professional education?

And so Drinks & Demos was born. The concept is simple: Bring together cool people, give them things they know they like (cocktails) and things they don’t yet know they like but might (new technology).

Last night we hosted our inaugural event. The theme was VR, AR and 3D, and we had four NYC companies on hand to schmooze with and demo for guests.

The tech companies included:


Mackevision leads in creating Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and designs and produces  3D visualizations, animations and visual effects (VFX) for TV, film and digital.


KonceptVR creates virtual reality video experiences for companies like The New York Times, Google, Conde Nast Traveler, and others on the cutting edge of delivering innovative interactive experiences for customers.


Sketchfab lets everyone publish, share, and discover 3D content on the web or in VR.


Iris is bringing VR to building and construction, allowing users to fully experience any physical space long before it’s fully realized.