What We Do

Channel V Media creates transformational results for businesses and brands. We have a knack for understanding even the most challenging businesses — and communicating their value to everyone.

We help innovative companies dominate crowded markets—or create new ones.

Whether they’re just getting started or well established, even the most disruptive businesses have to work tirelessly to stay at the forefront of their industries.

We build communications strategies that drive business goals.

Companies launch communications-driven marketing programs with specific objectives in mind, whether generating business leads, driving sales or user adoption, increasing market share, attracting investors, getting acquired, moving toward an IPO, or any other number of specific goals.

We transform the complex, unfamiliar and unknown into wide-reaching media stories.

The way that companies and brands often want to tell their stories isn’t always the way customers—and media—need to hear them.

We create stories even when company news is slow—or nonexistent.

We’ve written and placed over 200 hundred bylined articles for clients, with regular placements in Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, and numerous trade publications across verticals.

We create original research, newsletters, ebooks, infographics, and website content that directly captures—and retains—customer attention. All of our original content acts as media pitching material, and lays the groundwork for speaking opportunities, awards and profile opportunities for clients.

We’re always growing and looking for new ways to deliver better for our clients. We’ve also established best practice that are at the heart of our success.

CVM Roadmapping

We partner with each client to create a custom, strategic CVM Roadmap that charts all PR, digital and content activities and ties them to specific business goals and target audience needs and expectations. The individualized Roadmap lays out short-term solutions to jumpstart external communications, along with extended planning to create a steady stream of coverage and momentum.


We don’t believe in PR for PR’s sake. Or a website that just sits there.

Or content that’s clever but doesn’t serve much purpose. All communication efforts are forward-looking and work in support of clients’ actual business goals.

Smart Messaging

Channel V Media aims to be the best at distilling a clients’ essential value to define and capture high-value messaging. Out of this work, we shape the meaningful individual stories that are relevant to specific audiences to secure valuable coverage across all kinds of media.

Unrivaled Relationships

Each member of Channel V Media’s senior team has over 15 years of experience working with media, and has the results to show these relationships translate into serious value for our clients.

Strategic Digital

CVM’s digital offering works in support of our media efforts, allowing us to deliver a consistent message across all primary client platforms—websites, mobile, content marketing and social media—and allowing clients to become the media themselves.

Senior Team

All Channel V Media accounts benefit from the daily management of one or more members of our leadership team.

Partnership Approach

Partner isn’t just some loose concept for us. At CVM it means knowing each client’s business as well as they do (almost) and caring about their success as though it’s our own.

What’s Best,
Not What’s Easiest

We're always on the lookout for something that isn't working. We want to know why — and find a better way. And we're not afraid to ask questions or push back on anything that isn’t likely to best represent a client.

Measurable Results

Every communications program or project is launched against tangible goals. As a result, it’s easy for us to measure our success: We’ve either met our goals or we haven't. (And the latter isn’t an option.)