Who We Are

Channel V Media launched in 2008 with a simple approach…

Do PR, do it smarter (no throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks), and make it relevant for a rapidly changing world (yes, we suspected, this Facebook thing was here to stay).

Keep all the best stuff about old-school PR (audience-relevant stories and angles, smart writing, expert thought leadership, valuable media relations), and weave it together with the new (branded online media platforms, original content, inbound lead generation, social media) to create rich, strategic, multifaceted external communications campaigns.

Along the way, we’ve discovered our approach is a natural fit for innovative and disruptive businesses with complex stories to tell.

These clients rely on media to broadcast stories to their audiences, but at the same time, they want to take control of their own message, tell their own stories on their terms, and form a direct relationship with customers. We help them do it all.

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