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Our Healthcare Tech PR Capabilities

A PR Strategy Can Build and Elevate Both Brands and Products

  • Corporate Communications

    Our team can help to elevate the identity of your organization, raising awareness of your mission and vision, establish executives as true industry thought leaders, and develop a strong voice. We do this from the ground up, starting with building cornerstone key messages that guide all materials, to coordinating interviews with members of the media that speak to your audience.

  • Product Communications

    We know that you’ve developed a great solution that can help businesses, clinicians or patients that need it. Whether the product is still in the clinic, or out in the market already, our team can develop the right strategy to make sure that those key stakeholders know exactly what your innovation does, why they need it, and how they can get it. We’ll cut through the noise and get to the heart of the work that you’re doing.

Health Tech PR Capabilities

The ingredients that feed into crafting and implementing your successful PR campaign, no matter what stage your organization is in.

  • Key Message Development

    Everything starts with a strong message. We will work alongside your team to carefully create messages that will become building blocks for all future strategies and campaigns. Our focus will always be on clear and concise messages that tell a clear narrative, while not losing emotion

  • Media Relations

    Our Team knows the key players in the health care media space, and will make sure to get you talking to the outlets that have the ear of your target audience.

    For more details on media relations see our Media relations services page.

  • Media Monitoring and Analysis

    We utilize the best media monitoring tools to ensure that anything said about your organization, leaders, or products, is captured and recorded. Our “catch and correct” methods also help to get journalists to change their stories if they’re making false statements.

  • Thought Leadership

    Your executive team is filled with strong leaders, and it’s important that the industry knows that. We will utilize all different channels, including both traditional and social media, to make sure that your key opinion leaders are trusted and recognized in the industry.

  • Content Development

    Your messages and narratives are only as powerful as the words that convey them. We are experts in adapting to develop content for any situation, whether long-form contributed articles, or quick and short social media posts.

  • Strategic/Scenario Planning

    Any effective strategy begins with a comprehensive plan, and we will develop one designed to meet your objectives and goals. We also understand that certain key milestones can go in a number of directions. Our team will develop plans to account for these different scenarios, so you’re never caught flat‑footed.

  • Conduct Research

    Each therapeutic area comes with its own challenges and unique twists. While our team has wide knowledge of the inner workings of healthcare, we will conduct the appropriate research to understand your audience, their individual challenges, and how they like to be spoken to.

  • Media Training

    We offer comprehensive media training to key spokespeople within your organization. This ensures that they are well‑prepared to effectively communicate your message. Our training covers techniques for handling tough questions, pivoting to key talking points and communications techniques to project confidence.

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Why we collect your information

This form collects your information so we can contact you to assess if our service would be beneficial for your company.