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    With our deep understanding of B2B and consumer audiences, we specialize in helping companies create clarity in their messaging and influence high-value behavior through our proven, story-first approach to content marketing. Get Started
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  • B2B Content Doesn’t Have to be Boring

    B2B audiences are craving authenticity, relevance and entertainment just as much as their B2C counterparts. At Channel V Media, we take a holistic approach to content creation, blending the best practices of B2B marketing with the creativity and narrative-first approach typically associated with consumer brands.

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Our B2B Expertise

We’ve specialized our approach across industries to create the most tailored experience for our B2B clients and their nuanced needs.

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The Impact of Narrative

The Story-First Advantage:

Our story-first approach to content marketing revolves around developing a clear and unified voice for your brand and projecting it through multi-channel content that moves audiences into action.
  • Simplify Complexity:

    Many businesses grapple with complex ideas, products, or services that are difficult to explain succinctly.

    Our story-first methodology cuts through this complexity by distilling intricate concepts into tangible narratives that enhance brand clarity.

  • Unified Messaging:

    Inconsistency in messaging can dilute your brand’s identity and confuse your audience.

    With a story-first approach, we ensure that every piece of content, from social media posts to website copy, aligns with your overarching narrative and  strengthens brand recall and recognition.

  • Emotional Resonance

    Your customers aren’t just buying products–they’re buying into a vision of who they want to be.

    Behind every click, like and purchase, is a person with real hopes, dreams, and fears. By tapping into these intrinsic human needs, we craft narratives that imprint your brand into the consciousness of your audience.

  • Differentiation:

    Our story-first  approach to content marketing helps your brand carve out a distinct identity by highlighting what makes you unique.

    Whether it’s your origin story, your company culture or your commitment to sustainability, we weave these elements into a compelling narrative that sets you apart from the crowd.

Our Approach

We’ll translate your company goals into content goals—and then design the roadmap to get you there

Content Strategy

Our team of expert strategists helps your business gain insight into your audience’s desires, pinpoint your competitors’ successes, identify content gaps and create a customized content plan that drives real results.

Content Production

Unlock your brand’s full potential with our comprehensive content production services. From blog posts to podcasts, we manage every step of the production process so you can get back to running your business.

Content Services

Explore our menu of customizable content offerings

  • Content Calendar Services

    Keep your content calendar organized and consistent all year long. We’ll map out quarterly and annual schedules of content releases aligned with your brand’s goals and target audience preferences.

  • Content Audit

    We assess the effectiveness, relevance and performance of your existing content library, identify gaps and recommend areas for improvement and optimization.

  • Content Reporting and Performance

    Track the impact of your content marketing efforts with detailed reporting and performance analysis. Our team will provide actionable insights derived from key metrics to inform future content strategies and drive continuous improvement.

  • Blog Writing Services

    Elevate your brand’s digital presence with our custom Blog Writing Services. Whether you are looking to enhance your SEO strategy, establish thought leadership, provide industry insights or spark engaging discussions, our team of versatile and editorially-trained writers has you covered.

  • White Paper Development

    Showcase your expertise through an in-depth white paper. We’ll conduct thorough research and collaborate closely with your team to produce authoritative and informative white papers that address industry challenges and trends.

  • B2B Video Production Services

    Harness the power of visual storytelling. From concept development to post-production editing, we’ll create videos that captivate your audience and drive meaningful engagements.

    Learn More
  • B2B Podcast Production Services

    Let us bring your podcast vision to life. From conceptualization to editing and distribution, our team specializes in helping your team develop a branded show while managing every aspect of podcast production.

    Learn More
  • Social Media Content Production

    Amplify your brand with compelling and shareable content produced specifically for social media. We develop tailored social media content that resonates with your audience and fosters meaningful interactions with your brand.

  • Case Study Writing Services

    Showcase your success stories and client achievements through a custom built case study. Our team will conduct interviews, gather data, and craft engaging case studies that demonstrate the real-world impact of your products or services.

  • Webinar Development

    Educate, engage and inspire your audience with interactive webinars. From content development to technical execution, we’ll orchestrate engaging webinar experiences that drive new connections and conversions with your target audience.

Our Work

Content Services Case Studies

  • Maxymiser Logo

    Maxymiser acquired by Oracle

    Maxymiser acquired by Oracle

    Strong US competitors like Monetate had established themselves as market leader. Maxymiser needed our help to make their entrance and — and it needed to do it quickly.

    As the “s” in Maxymiser suggests, the web optimization company was UK‑founded and UK‑based when it decided to expand into the US market. The company had a healthy roster of successes for leading UK and European brands, but to US media, non‑US successes simply aren’t news.

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Why we collect your information

This form collects your information so we can contact you to assess if our service would be beneficial for your company.