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Press releases aren’t just for sharing news. They’re an opportunity to communicate your company’s relevance to the market.

Our Approach

Press Releases are a tool for communicating with the media.

  • A press release needs to quickly capture the attention of the media.

    We view each press release as a building block to tell a new part of a company’s larger story. With each press release we write we send a personalized pitch to the most fitting reporters and producers. Once we’ve placed a company’s story, we distribute the press release over the news wire.

  • A press release can leverage companies’ current success to create future opportunities.

    Our team of skilled writers curates press releases that hint at your aspirational vision, reflect your company’s current business goals, and put you at the center of industry-driven conversations.

Our Work

Types of Press Releases We Write

We create press releases to communicate our clients’ newsworthy moments:
  • Channel V Media put out our press releases for our Series C funding round, which reached all major tech publications. They helped us get multiple top-tier interviews with tech publications, including TechCrunch, which has featured news about our funding and company growth.
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    Hendrik Haandrikman, VP of Growth Marketing

Companies That Trust Us With Their Press Releases

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  • GFT Logo
  • Bold Commerce Logo
  • Pernod Ricard Logo
  • Meteo Matics Logo
  • Bluecore Logo
  • Shapermint Logo
  • Breezometer Logo
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Our Step-by-Step guide to getting your story over the wire.

Anyone can tell you how to write a press release. Our job is to turn basic news into media worthy storytelling. Here’s how we do it.

Press Releases Business Wire

What’s the news?

Sometimes there is no pressing news. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re in the news, anyway.

Bold Commerce United Way Plane Pull 2018

What’s the bigger company story you want to tell beyond the news?

This will help us communicate the larger narrative you want to share with the market.

Ande on Cheddar

Why is this relevant to your industry or target audience?

We help to align your news with relevant industry trends to put you in the center of top tier industry conversations.

Audience Entertainment Times Square People waving at motion activated digital billboard

Who are you talking to?

Are you looking for attention from reporters? Other like-minded industry professionals? We make sure your press release is in front of the right audience.

Press Hit The FinTech Times and Global Banking & Finance Review

What do you want audiences to do next?

Are you looking for investors? New consumers? Coverage from reporters? We’ll make sure your press release is actionable, guiding your readers next move.

Kieran working on Messaging

Can media outlets tell your story based on the information you’ve provided?

Start with the 5 W’s–“When” and “where” give the reader context if they are unfamiliar with the business or industry. Your “why” should inform the reader about the results or consequences of the news, making your press release a valuable media source.

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Why we collect your information

This form collects your information so we can contact you to assess if our service would be beneficial for your company.