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Breaking BreezoMeter into the U.S. Market

and Carving a Spot in the Media for Climate Tech
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The Value We Created

  • 100+

    media stories in national business, technology, consumer and trade outlets in a single year.

  • 10/10

    of the CEO’s dream media outlets covered BreezoMeter.

  • 196%

    increase in website traffic in only the first month of working with CVM.

  • 500% ROI

    The value of the business PR generated versus the cost of their investment with CVM.

  • Google

    became aware of BreezoMeter and acquired the company after only 2 years of working with CVM.

  • Trailblazer

    We shared BreezoMeter’s work to bring awareness to the Climate Tech Industry as a whole.

As Seen In:

Breezometer Press Hits Collage including The Washington Post, CNBC, USA Today, Forbes, Grit Daily, The New York Times and Inc.
The Challenge

BreezoMeter, an Israeli-based climate tech company, was completely unknown to businesses and media in the United States. Not only was the company unknown, but climate technology was not something the U.S. media was yet writing about.

BreezoMeter needed to make a name for itself–and climate technology–in the U.S.

Where CVM Came In

BreezoMeter tapped CVM to draw the attention of U.S. companies creating consumer-facing products that were influenced by — or addressing — environmental factors, and garner market awareness for the climate technology category in the process.

CVM was the first agency that was able to instinctually turn the details of our product offering and business model into storylines that caught the media’s attention. Channel V Media secured coverage for every topic they recommended. In my experience it’s rare for a PR agency to recommend a topic, execute on it, and secure coverage consistently. With our prior two agencies, there was a lot of effort, but no results.
  Ronit Marguiles, Director of Corporate Communications, Breezometer
Breezometer Now Part of Google Logo
Ronit Margulies, Director of Corporate Communications

Here’s How We Did It

World Changing Ideas

We introduced BreezoMeter into the U.S market and made a name for climate tech.

At the start of CVM’s work with BreezoMeter, the U.S. media was not yet writing about climate technology.

Breaking an international company into the U.S. is hard enough on its own, but launching a company into a new geographic market where its category has virtually no awareness among businesses and media is exceptionally challenging.

Breezometer Press Hits Collage including The Verge, USA Today, New York Post, Reviewed and The Washington Post

We educated media outlets on the emerging climate technology category and its importance, and then quickly capitalized on their curiosity.

We used real-world narratives to showcase the role BreezoMeter was playing in consumers’ lives through the various lifestyle, health and digital products they use everyday.

Breezometer Funding Press Quotes

We created a steady cadence of business momentum.

BreezoMeter’s $30M Series C funding announcement was the kickoff to the company’s PR program in the U.S., but we couldn’t stop there.

We used this news as the start of steady momentum by transforming BreezoMeter’s company news, product offerings and business model into storylines that caught the media’s attention.

Paul Walsh

We transformed every piece of news–big or small–into a key business moment.

We treated each product release as an opportunity to showcase the larger impact of BreezoMeter’s technology and reinforce the company’s mission to grow awareness of air quality and improve the health of millions.

BreezoMeter Customers Alignment

We validated BreezoMeter by aligning it with its recognizable customers.

We worked with BreezoMeter’s customers, including Volvo, L’Oreal and Prose, to tell the company’s story through the lens of its customers and share real-life examples of BreezoMeter’s technology in action.

BreezoMeter Environmental Alerts

We secured BreezoMeter’s spot as the go-to air quality source.

As businesses and consumers became increasingly aware of environmental factors beyond the weather, they were looking to make lifestyle and commercial decisions that reflect shifts in climate and air quality.

BreezoMeter Forbes Quote

We positioned air quality as something that needs to be checked as often as the weather.

We used BreezoMeter executives to not only continue to educate the market on air quality hazards, but talk about it so often, that it became a daily part of their lives.

Through Channel V Media’s methodical planning process, the team was able to quickly capitalize on consumer interest in climate technology and products. Their strategy was so effective that it led to a 20% increase in website traffic within the first month of working together.
  Ronit Marguiles, Director of Corporate Communications, Breezometer
Breezometer Now Part of Google Logo
Ronit Margulies, Director of Corporate Communications

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