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Senior Account Executive

Channel V Media is an award‑winning NYC PR firm that specializes in creating and executing communications programs for innovative, visionary and disruptive companies. Our clients include fast-growing technology companies (b2b and b2c) across verticals and industries.

We’re looking for a Senior Account Executive with strong writing skills to work with the Director of Media Relations to shape PR stories and contributed articles, as well as lead the day-to-day execution of 3 – 4 client accounts. You’re the keeper of overall account management and program implementation. You oversee and practice editorial excellence in pitches and written work. And you manage the junior account team through the execution of strategy and keep them on task toward a shared goal.

Job Summary

The Senior Account Executive (SAE) assists in the strategic planning of accounts and will manage accounts and/or act as a key member of one or several accounts. This role proactively seeks out solutions to challenges faced within client teams and communicates updates and best practices. Additionally, members at this level assist in the management and training of other team members. SAEs have a strong understanding of media relations, a solid network of media contacts and an excellent success rate of placing stories. They also possess strong written and verbal communication and time management skills.


  • Work directly with the account team to develop long-term and ongoing PR strategies that combine creative thinking and an understanding of client business goals to create a plan that delivers meaningful results.
  • Own the day-to-day execution of assigned accounts, including delegating to and managing junior team members, ensuring that team is meeting—and ideally exceeding—account expectations, and managing account resources.
  • Lead, or play a prominent role in, weekly in-person or phone client meetings, and in maintaining ongoing strong relationships with clients.
  • Balance the demands of multiple accounts to ensure that all clients are properly serviced, goals are achieved, and slow news times or client restlessness are anticipated and solved for.
  • Assess account work and results, proactively solving for weaknesses in strategy or execution; shape campaign results into success and case studies for clients, new business and the CVM website.

Media Relations

  • Deliver consistent, quality media placements every month, both in top-tier media and in target verticals, that work in service of client goals.
  • Lead story creation and pitch activity on behalf of the client based on knowledge of client stories and news, trending news, and specific outlets and writers, always monitoring traditional and social media for new opportunities for client outreach.
  • Understand that not all placements are created equal, layering feature stories in top-tier media with second- and third-tier media opportunities that are of strategic value to the client.
  • Brainstorm new angles and ideas with account—or entire CVM—team to ensure ongoing results and activities.
  • Maintain a strong network of media contacts, by attending networking or industry events or by inviting new and existing contacts to dinner/drinks/coffee at least 1-2 times per month.
  • Ensure client media lists are regularly updated and developed.

Cient Management

  • Develop and maintain relationship with client team to ensure CVM is in the loop about all information about company news, products, initiatives, use cases, success stories, and ongoing strategy.
  • Deliver weekly agenda (including gathering activities from relevant team members), and discuss all ongoing activities with client in weekly meeting/call.
  • Proactively communicate with clients about new ideas, ongoing activities and press coverage; ensure success report database is maintained.
  • Respond to—and even better—anticipate client anxiety, stress, or restlessness that signals that the client is feeling out of the loop or disconnected from PR and its value.


  • BA/BS. We love common-sense, critical-thinking liberal arts majors, or any education that shows curiosity and an interest in learning new ideas.
  • 2-3 years relevant public relations experience. You’ve got a history of PR success, an understanding of online and social media, and you’re ready to grow professionally.
  • A good communicator. You’re able to communicate with clients and media clearly in writing, over the phone, and in meetings. You can shape business ideas into media-relevant pitches, and explain yourself to clients and colleagues.
  • Organized and detail-oriented. You leave no stone unturned in identifying opportunities for clients, and you’re able to handle multiple projects and responsibilities without letting anything slip between the cracks.
  • A reader and sponge. You know what’s going on in the world. You consume media (hard news and pop culture), follow trends, and you’re always looking for opportunities for clients as you do it.
  • A thinker and problem solver. Tough client? No news? Oddball target market? You like the challenge of coming up with new solutions and new ideas and figuring out how to take them from vague concept to well-executed deliverable
  • A desire for responsibility. You’re self-motivated, you’re looking for ownership, you like when you’ve earned the trust of your boss and co-workers, you love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from taking a project from start to finish.
  • A desire for responsibility. You’re self-motivated, you’re looking for ownership, you like when you’ve earned the trust of your boss and co-workers, you love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from taking a project from start to finish.
  • A collaborator. Although much of our work happens independently, we share our successes and help each other come up with solutions when we’re stumped or dealing with a tough client problem. We don’t necessarily celebrate every tiny individual or agency achievement, but we respect a job well done and reward employees who contribute to agency growth and success.


  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Company Performance Bonus
  • Vacation Days
  • Professional Development
  • Early Summer Fridays
  • Travel & Expense Benefits
  • New Business Commission

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