Top 55 Tech Conferences You Should Attend

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It’s an exciting time in the tech industry and whether you are a startup founder, an established C-suite executive, or a technology enthusiast, one of the best ways to gain insights into the industry is by attending conferences and events. From retail tech, to fintech, and beyond, conferences are a perfect place to expand your knowledge, grow your network, and learn how to navigate the rapidly-advancing world of technology.

Tech conferences are guaranteed to equip you with the tools necessary to tackle challenges, as well as inspire you to pursue innovation. Below we have listed the 55 best tech events for 2023 to get you excited about what the future of technology has in store.

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Top 55 Tech Conferences to Attend in 2023

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Tech Conferences

  1. Money20/20 USA
    At Money20/20 you can expect to learn all about digital payments, mobile banking, blockchain, cryptocurrency, regtech, insurtech, artificial intelligence, open banking, and more. It is considered one of the biggest fintech conferences in the world.
  2. CES
    To see the latest advancements and innovations in consumer electronics, the Consumer Electronics Show is the trade show you want to attend. Companies from all over come to unveil their new products and technologies to the public and industry professionals.
  3. ODSC
    The Open Data Science Conference is where you want to go to stay up-to-date in the latest developments and applications in data science and related fields. The data science community comes together to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and network all in one conference.
  4. RSA Conference
    The RSA Conference is an international conference series based on IT security. It addresses the evolving cybersecurity, and showcases cutting-edge technologies. The RSA Conference offers the opportunity for professionals to enhance their skills, network, and learn about the latest solutions in the field.
  5. Dublin Tech Summit
    The Dublin Tech Summit is a two-day international technology conference held in Dublin, Ireland. The conference covers a wide range of topics such as ai technology, cybersecurity, fintech, robotics, VR, and more. It is a great place for startups to connect with potential investors, gain exposure, and learn from experienced professionals.
  6. Viva Technology
    One of the largest tech events in Europe, VivaTech, brings together tech enthusiasts, innovators, investors, corporations and startups from all around the world. The conference features speeches, panel discussions, and workshops led by prominent industry leaders and experts. The attendees have the opportunity to experience firsthand and interact with the latest advancements and technology through interactive demos, prototypes, and displays. 
  7. Mobile World Congress (MWC)
    MWC is considered one of the largest and most significant conferences in the mobile communications industry. The audience includes mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, software developers, policymakers, and investors. Companies use this event to unveil their latest products, services, and technologies such as smartphones, VR, AI, software solutions, network infrastructure and more.
  8. AI & Big Data Expo
    The AI & Big Data Expo is the leading event for artificial intelligence and big data analytics that brings together industry professionals, innovators, and technology providers. Those who attend have the opportunity to connect with leading technology companies and explore the latest tools and applications.
  9. Web Summit
    Web Summit brings together tech companies from household names to startups who are changing the ways of the future. This conference offers a comprehensive experience that combines thought leadership, networking, business opportunities, innovation showcases, and even startup support. The Web Summit serves as a great platform for networking, learning and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the tech industry.
  10. TechCrunch Disrupt
    TechCrunch Disrupt is a three day conference focused on the latest technology news and developments. New technology startups attend to compete in the Startup Battlefield Competition where they pitch their products and services in front of a panel of expert judges and the media. Ths competition serves as a chance to gain exposure, secure funding, and attract potential partners and customers.
    TECHSPO is a technology expo and conference that brings together developers, brands, marketers, technology providers, designers, and innovators who are looking to set the pace in the advanced world of technology. TECHSPO showcases the next generation of technology including Internet, Mobile, AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS technologies.
    Gulf Information Technology Exhibition is one of the largest and most influential technology events in the Middle East. GITEX features an extensive exhibition area where companies display their latest products, conduct live demonstrations, and engage with the crowd. GITEX also has specialized zones and features such as GITEX Future Stars, which focuses on startups, and GITEX Global Investor Summit, which facilitates discussion and matchmaking between startups and investors. 
  13. IFA
    The IFA is one of the oldest industrial exhibitions in Germany. It serves as a platform for industry professionals, businesses, and consumers to explore the latest products, technologies, and innovations in the consumer electronics industry.
  14. The Next Web (TNW) Conference
    TNW Conference is Europe’s leading tech festival held in Amsterdam. This two day event brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, technology enthusiasts, and industry leaders from around the world. This conference also holds a startup program called Startup Battlefield where startup companies compete and pitch their ideas to a panel of judges for recognition and funding opportunities.
  15. London Tech Week
    London Tech Week is a week-long festival that celebrates technology. It serves as a platform for the tech field to come together to drive change in businesses and society.
  16. Women in Tech Global Conference
    The Women in Tech Global Conference is an annual event that focuses on empowering women in the technology industry. It brings together women in tech, minorities and allies from all around to discuss key issues, share experiences, and promote diversity and inclusion within the tech sector.
  17. Red Hat Summit
    The Red Hat Summit is an annual conference focused on open source technologies, collaboration, innovation, and the future of enterprise IT. The conference covers a multitude of topics such as cloud computing, Kubernetes, DevOps, automation, hybrid cloud, and emerging technologies.
  18. Black Hat USA
    Black Hat USA is an annual cybersecurity conference and is one of the most renowned and influential events in the field of information security. Professionals share their latest research findings, vulnerabilities discovered, and cutting-edge techniques that provide valuable insights into the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.
  19. WWDC
    The Worldwide Developers Conference is hosted by Apple Inc. Apple executives take the stage to unveil the latest updates and advancements in Apple’s software platform, making this conference one of the highest anticipated events. 
  20. European Women in Tech
    The European Women in Tech conference is an annual event that focuses on promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the technology industry across Europe. EWIS aims to inspire and empower women in the tech field by providing them with resources,guidance and networking opportunities.
  21. Microsoft Ignite
    Microsoft Ignite showcases the latest advancements, product updates, and future plans in Microsoft. Microsoft Ignite includes hands-on workshops where attendees can gain experience and learn how to use Microsoft tools and platforms effectively. 
  22. Google I/O
    Google I/O serves as a platform for developers to stay updated on the latest Google technologies, gain insights from industry experts, and connect with the broader Google developer community. Networking is a significant component of the conference and offers opportunities to do so with other developers, Google engineers, and industry professionals.
  23. Collision
    The Collision conference serves as a platform for startups to gain visibility, connect with investors, network with industry leaders, and learn from experts. Startups have the chance to pitch their business ideas on stage, participate in competitions, and engage in one-on-one meetings with investors and mentors.
  24. SXSW
    South by Southwest (SXSW) brings together professionals and enthusiasts from various industries including technology, film, music, and interactive media. SXSW encompasses a range of activities including presentations, panel discussions, film screenings, music showcases, art exhibitions, trade shows, and networking events.
  25. Women in Tech Global Summit
    The Women in Tech Global Summit is an annual conference focused on empowering and celebrating women in the technology industry. The summit brings together women professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, and advocates from around the world to address challenges, opportunities, and advancements in the tech sector.
  26. LEAP
    LEAP is a global tech event where tech innovators and leading experts from around the world come together to discover new ideas, build new partnerships, and connect with inspiring mentors and investors.
  27. The Wall Street Journal: CIO Network
    The Wall Street Journal: CIO Network is an exclusive event for CIOs and technology executives organized by the Wall Street Journal. At this event CEOs, CIOs, and investors talk about the technologies they’re still investing in and the steps being taken to cut costs elsewhere.
  28. CIO Flagship National US Summit
    This summit is where 100 hand-picked CIOs and IT leaders from across industries in the US meet to have closed-door candid discussions and find solutions to their very latest challenges as they set their agendas for the new year.
  29. Info-Tech LIVE
    Info-Tech LIVE is a three day conference for IT executives who make technology decisions and drive innovation. Attendees are able to attend workshops that provide valuable insights, practical strategies, and best practices for IT management, digital transformation, cybersecurity, cloud commuting, project management, and other technology related areas.
  30. Forbes CIO Summit
    The Forbes CIO Summit is an exclusive event organized by Forbes that brings together CIOs, tech executives, and thought leaders from various industries. CIOs are able to share insights, exchange ideas, and discuss the latest trends and challenges in the evolving world of technology and business.
  31. MIT Sloan CIO Symposium
    The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is a premier global conference that brings together MIT academic leaders, CIOs, digital technology executives, and industry experts. The conference showcases the latest research and trends in technology management and offers valuable insights and strategies to drive innovation and business growth.
  32. American CIO & IT Summit
    The American CIO & IT Summit is an event designed to provide IT executives with the current trends, strategic insights, and best practices in technology, cyber-security, and risk management. This summit brings together leaders from all industry sectors such as food and beverage, CPG, automotive, pharma, retail, aerospace, and more involved in the IT sector.
  33. Interop
    Interop is a virtual event that benefits every IT professional that wants to get up to date with the latest trends in infrastructure and IT.
  34. Grace Hopper Celebration
    GHC is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. It is named in honor of computer science pioneer Grace Hopper. This conference gathers women in technology including students, professionals, researchers, and leaders to celebrate their accomplishments and inspire each other.
  35. Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo
    This conference provides a platform for CIOs and IT executives to gain insight into the opportunities and challenges of leading and succeeding in a changing world. Attendees have the opportunity to gain insights directly from Gartner analysts who provide research based perspectives, strategic advice, and recommendations.
  36. Forrester Technology & Innovation North America
    Forrester Technology & Innovation is organized by Forrester research focused on technology trends, innovation strategies, and digital transformation in North America. Attendees can learn from real-world examples, success stories, and research findings presented by experts.
  37. TBM Conference
    The TBM Conference is an annual event focused on the discipline of technology business management. It offers help for organizations to manage their technology investments, costs, and value in alignment to their business objectives.
  38. CIO Digital Transformation Summit
    The CIO Digital Summit is a conference designed for CIOs to learn, share experiences, and collaborate with their peers and experts on the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.
  39. Deep Learning Summit
    The Deep Learning Summit is a conference focused on the field of deep learning, a subdivision of machine learning that involves training artificial intelligence to learn and make predictions from large datasets. 
  40. The AI Summit
    The AI Summit is a conference focused on artificial intelligence. The conference  plays a significant role in driving the adoption and understanding of AI technologies, fostering collaborations between academia and industry, and shaping the future of AI.
  41. SaaStr Annual
    The SaaStr Annual is the conference you want to got to for the latest in Software as a Service and cloud computing. The conference showcases talks and presentations from industry leaders, successful SaaS founders, and experts in various aspects of running a SaaS business.
  42. Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit
    The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit is a conference focused on cybersecurity and risk management. This conference covers everything from cybersecurity, IT risk management strategy, plans, and more.
  43. DEF CON
    DEF CON is known as the world’s largest and most renowned hacker convention held annually in Las Vegas. DEF CON includes sessions on technical talks, hands on workshops, hacking contests, and interactive experiences.
  44. Global CISO Executive Summit
    The Global CISO Executive Summit is a conference that addresses the most pressing challenges and opportunities faced by CISOs in today’s evolving cybersecurity field.
  45. Forrester Security & Risk North America
    Forrester Security & Risk North America is a conference focused on security and risk management. Attendees have the opportunity to gain insights into the security field, understand best practices for managing risks, and discover the best ways to protect their organizations from cyber threats.
  46. mWISE Conference 2023
    Mandiant Worldwide Information Security Exchange is where security practitioners from around the world come together to share their knowledge for strengthening their defenses, individually and together.
  47. Google Cloud Next
    Google Cloud Next is where you want to go to get the latest innovations on the cloud platform. Enthusiasts come together to share challenges, solutions, ideas, and the latest technologies. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with Google Cloud experts and other fellow professionals.
  48. CIO Cloud Summit
    The CIO Cloud Summit is an opportunity for CIOs and IT executives from various industries to come together and explore cloud computing issues, connect with other executives, and learn about the latest cloud computing solutions.
  49. VMware Explore
    VMware is the go to event for all things multi-cloud. VMware introduces cloud and edge infrastructure solutions to help businesses with their enterprise cloud transformations. 
  50. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America
    KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America is a major conference that focuses on furthering the education and advancements of cloud native computing. This conference offers a comprehensive and immersive experience that enables attendees to stay up to date with the latest industry trends and gain valuable insights to advance their cloud native strategies.
  51. AWS re:Invent
    AWS re:Invent is the largest global conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for anyone who is enthusiastic about cloud computing. This conference features top AWS executives who announce new products, services, initiatives, and provide insights into the future direction of WS and cloud computing.
  52. DeveloperWeek
    DeveloperWeek is an expo where thousands of developers, engineers, IT professionals, and industry leaders gather to discover the latest in developer technologies, languages, platforms, and tools.
  53. DevOps World | Jenkins World
    DevOps World | Jenkins World is a conference focused on DevOps practices, methodologies, and the Jenkins automation server. The conference covers topics related to DevOps culture, agile practices, CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure automation, cloud-native technologies, security, and more.
  54. DevOps Enterprise Summit
    The DevOps Enterprise Summit is where tech leaders of large organizations that are implementing DevOps principles and practices want to go to. The conference explores how organizations can use DevOps practices to drive innovation, improve efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and deliver value to stakeholders.
  55. Data Center World 2023
    Data Center World offers valuable insights on how to plan, manage, and optimize your data center. Leading experts address challenges such as cooling high density computers, finding alternative energy sources, and adoption of automation in the data center.

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