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Top AI Journalists and Outlets to Pitch

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As organizations transition from imagining what’s possible with AI to implementing it enterprise-wide, there’s a growing urgency for them to communicate how they’re leveraging the technology to improve business efficiencies and the end user experience. Across both B2B and Consumer markets, and within industry-specific verticals such as Healthcare, Retail, Fintech and Adtech/Martech, companies are building entire business models on AI, as well as leveraging it to augment their existing capabilities—creating an increasingly crowded landscape to break into. 

Despite the influx of media coverage around AI topics in both national and trade outlets, capturing journalists’ attention and successfully earning a spot in these stories comes with its own set of challenges.

One of the first steps to navigating this is knowing which AI journalists to pitch. With hundreds of journalists now covering AI-related topics, many have developed specific focus areas that will determine their interest and ability to cover various AI storylines. 

While there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, here are 30 AI journalists for companies to consider adding to their AI PR efforts.

Top AI Journalists to Pitch

  1. Cade Metz, The New York Times
    Cade has covered technology over the past 30 years for various publications and authored “Genius Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought A.I. to Google, Facebook, and The World.” He writes about breaking AI news stories, company profiles and larger industry trends affecting the emerging technology space with a specific focus on driverless cars, robotics and virtual reality
  2. Karen Weise, The New York Times
    Karen covers U.S. technology companies and their investments in AI technology. She has covered the shifting attitude towards AI technology as well as AI’s future potential impact on society.
  3. Deepa Seetharaman, The Wall Street Journal
    Deepa has covered technology for over five years at The Wall Street Journal. and is currently focused onAI. She looks at the impact of AI on society as well as emerging AI stories and developments.
  4. Belle Lin, The Wall Street Journal
    Belle covers enterprise technology for The Wall Street Journal’s  CIO Journal including how companies are leveraging AI in their digital strategies. She authors stories on topics including how AI can solve existing problems, regulatory pressures and key risks.
  5. Isabelle Bousquette, The Wall Street Journal
    Isabelle covers enterprise technology, data and AI for The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal. She authors stories on major AI developments and how companies can train their workforce on AI skills and tools.
  6. Kenrick Cai, Forbes
    Kenrick is a senior reporter at Forbes who covers technology and AI. His coverage area mainly focuses on startups, regulation and Big Tech company developments.
  7. Monica Melton, Business Insider
    Monica is a deputy tech editor at Business InsiderShe covers leading AI companies and individuals, such as listings of the top people leading key AI initiatives at their respective companies.
  8. Bianca Chan, Business Insider
    Bianca is a senior reporter at Business Insider who covers the intersection of finance and technology. Her stories focus on topics around how finance companies are using AI in their larger  technology transformation, including how Wall Street firms are using and developing the technology.
  9. Rachel Metz, Bloomberg
    Rachel covers AI for Bloomberg having previously covered the topic at CNN. She covers Big Tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and OpenAI, as well as startups that are breaking into and disrupting the existing market. 
  10. Priya Anand, Bloomberg
    Priya covers AI for Bloomberg with over ten years experience as a journalist. She covers AI startup funding rounds as well as AI leadership and live events.
  11. Kyle Wiggers, TechCrunch
    Kyle is a senior reporter at TechCrunch where he covers various capabilities of AI tools, AI offerings in the market, as well as company profiles. He previously wrote for publications including VentureBeat and Digital Trends.
  12. Ryan Heath, Axios
    Ryan is co-author of Axios AI+ where he explores AI tech innovations and regulations. Prior to his current role he moderated the first 2019 EU presidential debate and wrote for several POLITICO newsletters.
  13. Ina Fried, Axios
    Ina is Chief Technology Correspondent at Axios where she publishes the daily Axios AI+ newsletter covering numerous topics across the AI landscape.. Before Axios, Ina worked in Silicon Valley.
  14. Lance Eliot, Forbes
    Lance is a seasoned executive and high-tech entrepreneur as well as a Forbes contributor on AI topics including developments and risks. He is the author of over 50 books, 750 articles and 400 podcasts.
  15. Bernard Marr, Forbes
    Bernard writes about AI for Forbes including top trends and workforce considerations. He is the author of “Generative AI in Practice: 100+ Amazing Ways Generative Artificial Intelligence is Changing Business and Society,” and over 20 additional best-selling books.
  16. Deborah Yao, AI Business
    Deborah is the Editor of AI Business where she writes about how companies are implementing and developing AI.  She previously wrote for publications including AP and S&P Global Market Intelligence.
  17. Benj Edwards, Ars Technica
    Benj is an AI and machine learning reporter for Ars Technica.He covers breaking news and technology developments related to AI. He previously wrote for publications including The Atlantic, Fast Company, PCMag, PCWorld and more. 
  18. Michelle Cheng, Quartz
    Michelle covers AI topics that involve Big Tech, tech developments and more for Quartz. She previously wrote for Inc. where she covered innovative startups.
  19. Sharon Goldman, VentureBeat
    Sharon is a senior writer and editor for VentureBeat covering AI. She writes about new AI technology developments, risks and safety.
  20. Madhumita Murgia, Financial Times
    Madhumita leads the Financial Times’ coverage on AI and she writes about emerging technologies. Prior to her current role, she was an EU tech correspondent and worked for publications including WIRED and The Daily Telegraph.
  21. Maria Korolov, CIO
    Maria covers AI and cybersecurity at CIO. Her stories help CIOs make critical decisions when thinking about and implementing AI at their companies.
  22. Sabrina Ortiz, ZDNet
    Sabrina is an editor at ZDNET where she focuses on the intersection of technology and everyday life. She writes about generative AI tools and use cases for the technology.
  23. Will Oremus, Washington Post
    Will writes about AI and other technology topics for The Washington Post. He contributes to the Technology 202 newsletter,covering the day’s top tech and AI news.
  24. Alex Woodie, Datanami
    Alex is the managing editor of Datanami where he covers technology topics including AI. He covers AI tech developments and how companies can leverage AI.
  25. Connie Guglielmo, CNET
    Connie Guglielmo is a senior vice president focused on AI editorial strategy for CNET. She writes about how AI is impacting businesses and people’s personal lives.
  26. Brendan Bordelon, Politico
    Brendan reports on tech lobbying for Politico. He’s particularly focused on lobbying efforts around emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced microchips and quantum computing.
  27. Esther Ajao, Tech Target
    Esther reports on AI for TechTarget. She covers tech developments at large AI companies as well as startups.
  28. Jeremy Kahn, Fortune
    Jeremy is a senior writer focused on artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies at Fortune. He is the lead writer on the Eye on AI newsletter and covers AI tech breaking news and developments.
  29. Ben Sherry, Inc.
    Ben is a staff reporter at Inc. writing about how businesses can integrate AI into their operations as well as tech developments. He previously wrote for the Financial Times and Investopedia.
  30. Jeffrey Dastin, Reuters
    Jeffrey is a San Francisco-based correspondent for Reuters who writes on the tech industry and AI. He covers new tech developments and capabilities across the AI and tech sectors.

Top AI Media Outlets to Pitch 

While almost every major news outlet has a dedicated reporter for AI topics now, not every piece of AI news is fit for a top-tier publication. In some cases, companies will see a more impactful response to their AI stories by placing them in smaller trade outlets that have a higher percentage of relevant readership.

Whether you’re looking to determine which media is best-suited for their news, or looking to stay up to date on the latest innovations and trends in AI, here are the top ten publications to watch to inform your AI PR strategy:

  1. AI Business
    AI Business provides news and analysis across AI topics. The publication aims to help executives make better strategic decisions through stories on the practical applications of AI technologies.
  2. AI Magazine
    AI Magazine is read by executives and pioneers leading the fields of AI, machine learning and digitally transformative technologies. The publication covers cutting-edge developments in AI, machine learning and automation to guide business leaders.
  3. AI News
    AI News provides news, analysis, and opinion articles on AI across topics including business use cases, and development opportunities. The publication reports from the frontline of the industry, and includes contributions from AI companies.
  4. AI Tech Trend
    AITechTrend covers the latest and greatest in AI and technology. The publication covers the most up-to-date information on AI and its impact on various industries.
  5. AiThority covers global AI technology news, editorial insights and digital trends. The publication features updates on tech adoption, AI interviews and tech articles.
  6. Axios
    Axios provides trustworthy news and analysis across media trends, tech, business and politics. The publication puts out specialized newsletters including Axios AI+ that covers leading AI stories daily.
  7. IEEE Spectrum
    IEEE Spectrum is the magazine of the IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization devoted to engineering and the applied sciences. The magazine covers major trends and developments in technology, engineering, and science including AI.
  8. InformationWeek
    InformationWeek is a publication geared towards CIOs and other IT leaders offering comprehensive and authentic coverage of leading tech topics. Stories cover crucial issues across topics including AI, resilience, data and more.
  9. TechCrunch
    TechCrunch is a news site dedicated to the tech scene. It covers technology news, opinions, and analysis across tech topics including global companies and emerging startups.
  10. VentureBeat
    VentureBeat is a leading publication for tech news that provides deep context to help business leaders make smart decisions and stay on top of breaking news. Stories span across multiple tech topics including AI, machine learning, and data.

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