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Benefits of a PR internship for non-PR Majors

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The first day I walked onto the campus of my undergraduate institution, I was overwhelmed with opportunities to explore different fields of study. After probing my options, discussing my various career goals with advisors, and taking a diverse multitude of classes, I developed an interest in the department of economics. Despite my growing interest in economics, I took a PR internship at a PR firm, Channel V Media.

Although I was excited and grateful to work with such an incredible public relations firm, I was tentative to embrace the experience because I had decided to pursue economics, a field I had thought to be so different from PR. 

Nonetheless, I began my internship with eagerness and an openness to learn. To my surprise, I learned that public relations is very similar and deeply related to economics. This realization improved my understanding of core economic concepts, and it made me feel more motivated. I wanted to gain as much knowledge as I could from my experience at CVM. 

How My PR Internship Benefited by Non-PR Major

In my introductory economics courses, we began by learning the definition of economics. Essentially, it is the study of behavioral patterns in economic agents, consumer behavior, and general human interaction. Similarly, work in public relations focuses on the behavior of businesses, the response from consumers, and the way in which the two parties interact. Once I understood this connection, I noticed that the work conducted by Channel V Media helped aid businesses financially, and helped to shape the larger economic landscape. The connection between the two fields was interesting to me. Channel V Media’s determination to ensure the success of each client’s business showed ways in which businesses can partner to grow the economy. In addition, I saw the hard work and diligence needed to have meaningful, beneficial impacts for businesses and consumers. 

Throughout my PR internship, everyone worked to produce ideas and content for clients. Their dedication to being assiduous and hard working is one of my biggest takeaways from this experience. I’ve learned that a strong work ethic is one of the most valuable qualities to bring to every professional work setting.

Communication is key

While working at CVM, I witnessed all of the staff employing effective communication skills. Each day, the staff discussed and challenged new ideas and strategies. Through respectful, constructive discussion, staff at CVM develop content ideas for clients. They work together to refine and perfect ideas through their constructive discussions. Not only is their communicative process impressive and effective, but the staff involves everyone in their discussions, including the interns. 

Channel V Media create a nurturing environment that empowers interns to share their ideas. From this, I learned the importance of effective communication. CVM use respectful communication to maintain good relationships with their clients. They also use it to instill a healthy work environment where everyone’s ideas are recognized and respected. Positive communication is a skill that I have learned through my PR internship at  CVM. I will take this with me to my future career, regardless of the field. 

What I Learned at Channel V Media

A hard work ethic and positive communication are two of the many lessons and tools that I gained from my experience working at CVM. I approached my internship with a preconceived notion that the study of economics was vastly different from the work I’d be doing, but it wasn’t Both aid my understanding of human behavior and the functions of economic agents. 

My PR internship taught me that it is important to approach new opportunities with an openness to learn. I will bring this with me for future professional endeavors. 

About Channel V Media

Welcome to Channel V Media (CVM). We’re an award-winning PR and communications agency, founded in 2008.

We build market momentum for Fortune 500 and emerging companies, advising and executing on Communications Strategy, PR strategy, and digital marketing. We specialize in breaking clients into new markets and categories, rising to the top of crowded conversations, and reinvigorating enthusiasm for long-standing companies as they compete in new areas.

CVM builds awareness for companies and their products, develops C-suite leaders into industry visionaries, positions clients to be among the most vocal in high-value conversations, and drives inbound leads.

Some of our clients include Sopra Banking Software, GFT, Penn Mutual, IBM, Bluecore, Grapeshot + Oracle, Fortune & Frame, and others.

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