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8 Skills You’ll Learn At Your PR Internship

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In class, you might gain some insights into the different PR division, but experiencing them for yourself is another experience.  The skills you’ll learn at your PR internship will enhance your learning in class.

Internships are the perfect way to explore all of the opportunities that await you in this industry. In 2020 I started an internship at Channel V Media, it helped me gain real-world experience, that expanded my knowledge outside of the classroom.

I can assure you that the experiences you take from your PR internship will stick with you long after your internship is complete. 

Here are 8 skills you’ll learn at your PR internship. 


With all of the information that is being shared each day, it is easy for things to become lost in the shuffle of a hectic day. I like to keep everything in a folder, so it’s easily accessible at a moment’s notice. This skill, early on, is a work-in-progress. You will pick up tips that work for you.


Adjectives and descriptions are nice at times, but in such a fast-paced, high pressure environment such as PR, it is important to get to the point as soon and as seamlessly as possible. Communicating with clients, colleagues and journalists are an everyday occurrence. 

The most important part of communicating is having a clear message. If you are pitching a product launch, speaking with clients or even just talking with your supervisors, you will learn how to relay a message that is clear and concise. 


You will meet so many new people each day. It is so important to make a great first impression. You become accustomed to introducing yourself often and sharing a little bit about you; this is a great way to make connections. Not only do you get to experience this yourself, you get to observe firsthand how professionals network, and how to keep those relationships and build upon them. You can see each day how they are constantly communicating with journalists they know or their discussing interactions with clients. I have learned the importance of connecting with others, because you never know how life in the PR industry may come full circle. 


In your PR internship you will be researching journalists for a media list, tracking daily news, researching competition, and more. 

There is always research to be done and you will absorb a lot of information. It is important to pinpoint the topics that are the most relevant to clients and understand how it may impact them directly. Over time you will become acclimated to searching keywords that will filter the information you need. While interning, I have seen the importance of this practice and understand why it is so vital in the PR industry. 

Time Management

You will work on various projects throughout the day. Although things can get a little hectic sometimes, I make sure to carve out time to work on each specific task and then make sure there is a little extra just in case. It’s quite possible that you could be juggling multiple projects at once and trying to complete your personal goals, while interning. Time management is not only key to successfully finishing a day’s work, but is vital when trying to gain the most knowledge from your experience. 


Easily adapting will make you a better asset and will help you stand out in your role. In PR, you never know what the next day will bring. Though you are not supposed to be an expert at everything, being a fast learner will definitely help you. Interns are asked to help wherever help is needed, which means that being able to comprehend instructions quickly and apply them is more important than knowing everything. 

Succeeding Under Pressure:

PR firms must change focus even faster than news sources do. It is important to remain calm in high pressure situations. It definitely takes a bit of getting used to, but it is a skill that comes with experience and time.  


Interning in a professional setting is a ‘sink or swim’ scenario. When speaking to colleagues or clients, it is important to carry yourself to a high standard and show off the confidence you have in your capabilities. The environment itself makes you feel more like an adult and you get the urge to prove to others — and yourself — that you can handle all that the industry has to offer. 

A summary: skills you’ll learn at your PR internship

In summary, during your PR internship you can expect to improve your:

  • Organization skills
  • Communication
  • Networking skills
  • Research
  • Time management
  • Adaptability
  • Focus under pressure
  • Professionalism

The best part about the skills you’ll learn at your PR internship is that you will always able to build upon them. With each new opportunity, comes a chance to learn even more and dive deeper. The best part about Public Relations is that there is always something new to learn each day. 

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