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How to use Social Media to Land Your PR Internship

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Social media is a growing giant in today’s technological world. It is extremely diverse and can be used for more than just posting pictures with friends or of your amazing brunch. Almost everyone is on it, and that includes employers. Social networking sites can be a great way to make professional connections. Here are some tips on how to utilize social media to land your dream PR internship.

How to Use Social Media to Land Your PR Internship

Update Your Social Media Accounts

The most common platforms used for networking and social recruiting are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure you have accounts on each, and consider cleaning up your previously existing ones. Takedown any inappropriate pictures you may have, and make sure you would feel comfortable with a prospective employer viewing your profile. It is also beneficial to make sure your email is up to date and to make sure you are visible. The cleaner your profiles are and the more professional, the more likely an employer will be to contact you. On all of these sites, LinkedIn especially, make sure that all of your experience is listed. A LinkedIn profile can read like a resume so verify that everything is accurate and easily read. Some information you can include is your education, work experience, skills, and interests. 

Engage with Employers

Social media is a two-way street. While employers can view your profiles you can also view theirs. If you wan to use Social Media to Land Your PR Internship then don’t be afraid to friend, follow, and connect with companies that you are interested in. When you see their posts, like them and engage. This will put your name on their radar, and maybe it will stick. You can also join or subscribe to company groups. I personally am subscribed to at least 2 companies’ monthly newsletters. Another way to take initiative is to join your college alumni groups on social media. The alumni from your school are great resources and may be able to help you make a connection in the industry.

Be Active and Share Your Thoughts

Beyond just engaging and connecting with employers it is important to share your thoughts. Posting statuses, retweeting tweets, and sharing articles are all great ways to showcase what you are interested in. It also gives a sense of your thoughts on important matters, and shows personality. Join in on conversations through social channels (even if just through a share or like) to not only impress prospective employers but also learn about others’ thoughts and viewpoints. Employers are looking for people who are active on social media and know how to use it. As previously mentioned, companies also have social media accounts and it is beneficial if they know you would be capable of helping to run them.

Use Social Media to Land Your PR Internship by Networking and Establishish Connections

This is advice given all the time in terms of meeting people in the industry. Social media has made networking that much easier and it is essential to utilize it. You can engage in conversations with professionals on LinkedIn, or comment on company posts on Facebook. After applying for an internship, you can always message a HR representative on LinkedIn to let them know you are interested in the company. There are a multitude of ways to network. It is also beneficial to reach out to friends and family directly to let them know you are looking for an internship. They may have connections at companies that you are interested in. Don’t be afraid to ask them for an introduction if this is the case. Once you have that connection you can follow through and friend them or follow them.

Stay Up to Date

As you grow and gather more experience and skillsets, be sure to always add them to your accounts and profiles. Keep them up to date so that employers are getting the most accurate depiction of you off and on social media. You also should be checking your accounts regularly in case you have messages from friends, family, recruiters, or connections about opportunities to further your career. Past just updating your profile, continue to follow more accounts and join more groups as you learn more and are exposed to more companies. Activity will show employers that you are invested and active in your job search.

How to Use Social Media to Land Your PR Internship: A Summary

  • Update your accounts
  • Engage with employers
  • Be active and share your thoughts
  • Network and establish connections
  • Stay up to date

Social media is always growing and expanding. These are just the most common and general ways to use it to help you get an internship. Be on the lookout for more ways to engage an employer. Good luck on your job hunt, you got this!

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