Top 30 Climate-Tech Conferences to Attend in 2024

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It’s an exciting and revolutionary time to be working in the climate-tech industry. With the climate-tech market projected to grow to $1.5 trillion by 2030, staying up to date on the rapidly-advancing industry is necessary. One way to do this is through attending climate-tech conferences. These conferences provide you with the tools to expand your climate-tech network, increase your knowledge of the industry, and navigate the newest technology. 

Below is a list of the 35 top climate-tech conferences you should attend in 2024 to help you stay up to date on what’s in store for this progressive industry.

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Top 30 Climate-Tech Conferences to Attend in 2024

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Climate-Tech Conferences

  1. Energy Tech Summit
    The annual Energy Tech Summit is a leading climate-tech event that brings top investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and government leaders together to challenge the status quo. Don’t miss opportunities to network and learn of the new paths being created to achieve reduced carbon emissions. 
  2. Cambridge Tech Week
    Cambridge Tech Week (CTW) combines knowledge, insight and experience to improve innovation and creates connections to invoke change. The weekly conference attracts those from all areas of the climate-tech market, including founders, entrepreneurs, investors, media, government, academia, influencers and more.
  3. CRETech
    CREtech is one of Europe’s largest conferences surrounding innovation and sustainability in real estate. The conference attracts nearly 1,500 real estate professionals to network and discuss how innovation and climate technology are impacting the current world. 
  4. Hack Summit
    Hack Summit hosts some of the brightest minds in climate-tech, bringing together ambitious founders and investors across Europe to discuss while maintaining a low-waste, future conscious conference.
  5. Climate Transformation Summit
    The Climate Transformation Summit is the first ever online conference that brings climate-tech experts, scientists and investors together through interactive discussion panels, climate-centered workshops and best practice exhibitions. 
  6. Green Future Conference
    Green Future Conference brings together climate-tech leaders, companies, policy makers, scientists and investors in the area of sustainable development. This conference provides an opportunity to gain knowledge in what the green transition includes, what technology is available to aid in this transition, and how we can help accelerate this process.
  7. Greentech Festival
    Greentech Festival is a conference with a goal to enact lasting change on our climate. This event includes keynote speakers, panel discussions, bootcamps, and more, working to establish sustainable business solutions and inspire innovative ideas. 
  8. VivaTech
    VivaTech is Europe’s biggest startup and tech event that works to speed up innovation through providing startups, tech leaders, major corporations and investors with the biggest climate-tech challenges in the world. The conference analyzes a number of solutions to improve the climate crisis, including nuclear fission, capturing greenhouse gasses, and developing faster and more effective overall solutions.
  9. Reset Connect
    Reset Connect is the UK’s leading sustainability and net-zero conference, working to finance and implement net-zero business solutions. The conference closes the gap between sustainability change-makers, business leaders, and government funding. Additionally, the conference is the flagship event for London Climate Action Week.
  10. World Future Energy Summit
    The World Future Energy Summit is the premier conference propelling sustainability and the worldwide shift towards renewable energy. The conference focuses on creating a more sustainable future by bringing together industry pioneers, problem solvers, and groundbreaking solutions. 
  11. EV Charging Infrastructure Forum
    The EV Charging Infrastructure conference is one of the world’s leading conferences exclusively within the automotive and electrical power industry. The conference focuses on collaborations among developers and policymakers to examine new developments in electrical infrastructure and charge point technologies and discusses future plans within the industry to support electric vehicle use.
  12. Hello Tomorrow – Global Summit
    Hello Tomorrow’s Global Summit features over 3000 leaders among the climate-tech field. The conference helps deepen existing knowledge relating to the emerging technologies in order to solve some of our most pressing industrial, environmental and societal challenges.
  13. Climate Investor Forum
    The Climate Investor Forum showcases world class climate-tech companies across eight decarbonization sectors. It is the premier meeting place for climate related investments and transactions, and will bring together investors and financiers across all climate related technologies, products and services with significant keynote speakers.
  14. SOSV Climate Tech Summit
    SOSV Climate Tech Summit brings together climate tech founders, investors, technologists, corporates, policymakers, and media to discuss any upcoming challenges for the market. It also works to lower carbon emissions through climate tech startups and new emerging technology. 
  15. Climate Tech & Tonic
    Climate Tech & Tonic is a networking event that connects climate tech innovators, leading companies, investors and more to discuss innovative climate solutions that are changing the industry. 
  16. Verge 24: The Climate Change Event
    Verge 24 is a leading climate tech event working to provide solutions to the most difficult challenges in the climate-tech industry. It hosts leaders from business, government, solution providers and startups all working together to address the climate crisis.
  17. London Climate Technology Show
    The London Climate Technology Show is a conference and tradeshow focused on connecting key professionals in an array of climate, energy, and technology fields to sought after climate-tech content and business opportunities. The conference is also helping to accelerate the global economy towards a decarbonised future.
  18. World Climate Tech Summit
    The World Climate Tech Summit is designed for business leaders, policymakers, investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, activists, and more. The summit is working to deploy the newest technology solutions and is committed to carbon neutrality in association with the summit.
  19. Impact Investing World Forum 2024
    The Impact Investing World Forum is a leading social impact conference that allows climate-tech professionals to connect with other leaders in the ClimateTech ecosystem, get inspired & increase important conversations about climate change
  20. The Drop
    The Drop is a leading event in the climate-tech ecosystem that brings together climate change experts, investors, and startup founders, and more to learn about solutions that are driving the climate crisis forward. 
  21. PLANEtech World
    PLANETech is a climate tech conference that is leading the change within Israel. The conference helps to build climate-tech knowledge and tools, develop partnerships, and promote the implementation of climate related technologies. The conference includes various keynote speakers, deep climate tech sessions, and real world case studies, 
  22. Subak Climate Summit
    The Subak Climate Summit works to connect organizations with individuals to tackle climate change. The conference includes 11 expert-led sessions and includes a roundtable event aimed to discuss opportunities to accelerate climate-related funding. 
  23. ClimateTech
    Climate Tech is a two-day conference that can be attended virtually or in-person. The conference features climate-tech experts, live presentations, discussion panels, and various networking opportunities in hope of fostering positive climate change solutions for businesses through new technologies.
  24. ClimateTech Founders Summit
    Climate Tech Founders Summit is a two-day conference that works to share various perspectives in the climate-tech industry, as well as provide unique opportunities to various businesses, leaders, and climate activists. The summit features over 5000 founders, investors, and leaders in the climate-tech ecosystem. 
  25. CES 2024
    CES is a highly influential tech conference in the world, connecting various businesses with emerging technologies and global innovations. The conference features every aspect of the tech sector including energy and power, smart cities, sustainability, and electric vehicle technology.
  26. Climate Tech Investment Summit
    The Climate Tech Investment Summit connects investors and networks from across South Asia with investors seeking to invest in early-stage Climate Tech startups within the region. The summit is aiming to foster a sustainable future by encouraging investments in climate-oriented solutions that ensure energy security.
  27. Climate Innovation Forum
    The Climate Innovation Forum is a flagship event of London’s Climate Action Week. The conference connects over 700 decision makers, investors, solution providers, and more to help achieve net zero emissions while emphasizing the role innovation plays in the climate crisis. 
  28. 2024 MIT Energy Conference
    The MIT Energy Conference is the largest student-led energy & climate conference in North America. The conference brings together numerous industry professionals, investors, and policymakers for the purpose of presenting, learning, and discussing urgent challenges and opportunities that will change the future of the energy and climate sectors.
  29. TechCrunch Climate Session
    The Tech Crunch Climate Session is a conference diving into the market forces, planet-saving startups, and climate tech innovation that is leading the cause for decarbonization. Tech Crunch will be exploring solutions such as alternative energy, EVs, carbon offsetting, waste management, investment trends, and more. The single-day event features a pitching competition, various exhibitions, and plenty of networking opportunities. 
  30. UNC Clean Tech Summit
    The UNC Clean Tech Summit will feature keynote speakers, panels, workshops, and engagement opportunities for a variety of climate and energy discussions. The summit is student-run and will feature various networking opportunities with climate and energy industry professionals.
  31. World Impact Summit
    The World Impact Summit brings together professionals and major players in the ecological, economic, and environmental transition.

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