Top 35 Fintech Conferences to Attend in 2024

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It’s an exciting time for fintech and whether you are a startup founder, an established C-suite executive, a fintech PR agency employee, or a financial enthusiast, one of the best ways to gain insights into the industry is by attending conferences and events. From cryptocurrency to blockchain technology to banking and beyond, conferences are a perfect place to expand your knowledge, grow your network, and learn how to navigate the rapidly-changing world of finance and technology. 

Fintech conferences are guaranteed to equip you with the tools necessary to tackle challenges, as well as inspire you to pursue innovation. Below we have listed some of the best fintech events you should attend in 2024 to get you excited about what the future of technology and banking has in store.

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Top 35 Fintech Conferences to Attend in 2024

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  1. Money20/20 USA
    Connect with fintech’s boldest and brightest voices at the world’s biggest fintech conference of the global money ecosystem. Money20/20 is the place to expand your network by connecting with heavy-hitters like the Federal Reserve, Mastercard, Instacart, J.P.Morgan, Equifax and more. You are guaranteed to walk away with business-critical insights, powering strategies, and access to the innovation shaping the future of money. 
  2. FinovateSpring
    The world of finance is changing quickly, and Finovate Spring is your chance to find the competitive edge you need to survive in the fast-paced digital future. With live demos of innovative fintech solutions, interactive executive briefings, startup boosters, and expert advice from key fintech innovators, there is no better fintech conference to find inspiration and learn about the latest tech products that are guaranteed to disrupt the financial industry.
  3. LendIt Fintech
    Brought to you by a diversified media company Fintech Nexus, this conference provides a link between traditional and futuristic finance as banks become more like fintechs and fintechs become more like banks. “Women in Fintech”, a program to connect women in the field, The 6th Annual Fintech Nexus Awards that honor the world leading fintech influences, and “PitchIt”, a competition for fintech startups, are only some of the events that make this conference unique. With the focus on innovations in landing technology, Fintech Nexus provides multiple interactive events to immerse yourself in all things fintech. 
  4. FTT Lending 3.0
    Lending 3.0 is an ideal fintech conference for lenders, loan providers, fintech, credit, and capital allocators who revolutionize the lending industry. Key concepts include SMEs powered by capital, personalization of lending for people, decisions powered by data, emerging lending types, and supporting industry ESG goals by transitioning to net zero. Lending 3.0 will allow its attendees to discover technologies like AI, Embedded Landing, Open Banking, Crypto Loans and platforms fueling lending of our time. 
  5. FStech The Future of FinTech
    Calling professionals in IT, security, compliance, digital transformation, innovation, and risk management, the FS Tech Conference aims to cover topics ranging from quantum computing, state of cloud transformation, machine learning, and fintech’s role in quant finance, all the way to cybersecurity trends, and coreless banking. Ideal for those who prefer panel discussions and keynote speeches, FS Tech promises to deliver a cutting-edge experience and dive into technological disruptions, and what they mean for the future of finance. 
  6. Bank Automation Summit
    Bank Automation Summit provides a collaborative space for leading executives in financial services and evolving industry innovators – fintechs. The conference aims to encourage finance professionals to discover and implement new technologies accelerating automation in banking, in order to provide more value for their customers and submerge their services with those in the industry of technology. The size of Bank Automation Summit allows for an exclusive environment, and intimate networking opportunities.
  7. Fintech South
    Fintech South started as a result of the top 15 fintech companies in Georgia generating more than $100 billion in revenues. The Georgia World Congress Center will in September welcome fintech leaders from all around the world to share their experience, teach, inspire, and connect with the global fintech community. This fintech conference is designed to help attendees make the most of the fintech revolution, grow their business, and learn about emerging startups from banking, payments, commerce, fintech, and more.  
  8. MoneyLIVE Summit
    As one of Europe’s most important fintech conferences for the future of banking and payments, MoneyLIVE Summit provides a platform for thousands of professionals to celebrate collaboration, challenge their perspectives, and have their visionary ideas acknowledged. For anyone passionate about innovation and transformation of the banking industry through the introduction of technological products, as well as industry leaders who aim to remain ahead of their competitors, MoneyLIVE Summit is the place where innovation is embraced, revolutionary ideas are born, and ground-breaking partnerships are formed.
  9. Empire FinTech Conference
    As you watch fintech valuations launch with astronomical numbers and finally touch the solid ground, the Empire FinTech Conference will serve as your guide through fintech’s upcoming sustainable growth. The conference promises insights about payments, blockchain, loans, wealth and more, and a day packed with masterclasses, demos, keynotes, live podcasts, networking, and showcasing the latest in fintech in the heart of New York City. 
  10. Fintech World Forum
    Taking place in London, the Fintech World Forum is an international conference series that will gather fintech enthusiasts, connoisseurs, investors, and professionals to share their passion for emerging technology with the rest of the world. Apart from innovation in finance and the future look of lending and payments, The Fintech World Forum will also address the most recent developments in the fintech field. It will additionally discuss climate change, AI, sustainable development, and optimization of financial services. Among the speakers are professionals from companies like Google, IBM, and Huawei, as well as thousands of fintech investors. 
  11. Fintech Americas
    The Fintech Americas Miami conference invites attendees to realize the power technology will have in the financial service industry’s future in Latin America. This conference-style, learning experience event is a unique opportunity to share the latest insights with the leaders in the industry, and in just two days learn from other institutions best practices and challenges. 
  12. Fintech DevCon
    If you are on the lookout for a more tangible fintech conference, Fintech DevCon offers over fifty hours of hands-on developer workshops and talks from leaders of developer fintech companies. With no sales pitches, and talks on best practices and industry secrets, attendees can expect to leave feeling empowered with new knowledge on how to bring about the next decade of financial innovation. 
  13. Digital Banking
    This flagship digital banking event is where the banking community comes together to connect and collaborate on the industry’s most pressing issues – from regulations and the digital workforce, to the fintech partnerships and customer experience. Through carefully curated debates, engaging demos, interactive panels, keynotes, and networking, this is where new ideas are debated, latest trends are unpacked, and collaborative partnerships are built. 
  14. TechCrunch Disrupt 2024
    The original startup fintech conference – TechCrunch Disrupt — will be your facilitator in making connections that count, teeing up your tech track, following pioneering founders, and igniting new ideas. The conference will feature popular stand-alone industry TC sessions featuring sustainability, fintech, AI, security, hardware, and SAAS. Disrupt is an opportunity for a fresh, relevant, and focused attempt to acquire the tools, knowledge, and connections to succeed in tech year after year. 
  15. Money20/20 Asia
    Largest in Asia, Money20/20 Asia will connect the Asia fintech community with the global and regional stars in the industry. This senior-level gathering taking place in the city of Bangkok, is a perfect opportunity to make international connections with thousands of visionaries, decision makers, Asian influences, and press. Calling itself an “unfair advantage”, Money20/20 Asia will provide branded opportunities, captivating collaborations and engaging workshops for its attendees, in hope of preparing them for what’s next in fintech. 
  16. Innovate Finance Global Summit 2024
    Largely appealing to the UK fintech scene, the Innovative Finance Global Summit is the place for new businesses looking to change and evolve the sector of finance for the benefit of consumers and businesses alike. The 2024 conference will feature trending topics such as fintech ESG, the fintech talent pipeline, fintech investment, industry emerging trends, financial inclusion, NetZero, keeping up with regulations, and positioning culture. Attending this event ensures economic growth, sustainability and empowerment for your business in the ever-changing financial system. 
  17. Sibos
    From a banking operations seminar to a global financial services event of the year, Sibos is the place for the financial community to debate and collaborate in the areas of payments, securities, and cash management. Apart from bringing together thousands of business leaders, and topic experts who will collectively shape the future of the sector, this year’s conference will examine how digital acceleration, technological innovation, change, and risk intersect with pressing topics of the fintech industry, such as AI, Big Data, CBDCs, cloud computing, ethical investing, and more. 
  18.  Fintech + Insurtech Generations Conference
    Are you concerned that the digital world has caused us to be more isolated that ever? Fintech + Insurtech Generations is about the people, designing digital ecosystems offline, and fostering fellowships. As our connections to one another reach all-time lows, it’s time to reconnect over innovations, pressing issues, and the fintech solutions. This year’s fintech conference will be anything but your typical, boring talking heads. Be prepared to participate in complex conversations, hear from industry experts, and enjoy engaging discussion formats – because real issues require real talks. 
  19. ITC Vegas
    The world’s largest gathering of insurance leaders and innovators offers unparalleled access to new innovations showcased among tech entrepreneurs, investors, and insurance industry incumbents. Through thousands of meetings, over the span of three days, learn how to increase productivity, reduce costs, and enrich the lives of policyholders. Standing at the intersection of insurance and technology, ITC will allow you to hear from the best minds in insurance, from CEOs of global issuers to startups looking to reshape the future. 
  20. U.S. Fintech Symposium
    Dedicated to executive education, partnering, and networking, the Fintech Symposium promises to prepare your organization for the disruption of fintech. Speakers are industry experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience implementing successful fintech solutions and strategies. Topics include the latest fintech developments, neobanks, blockchain, AI, robotic process automation, machine learning and more. Whether you want to increase your fintech knowledge, network with industry experts, or discover new fintech vendors and solutions, The Fintech Symposium should be your go-to fintech conference. 
  21. Fintech Week Tel Aviv
    As the fintech sector gives evident value to users and benefits to wider economies, companies are looking for trends and strategies to implement in order to survive, and meet the expectations of today’s more demanding customer. Data and emerging technology give fintech solutions a valuable opportunity for new business streams, and improved customer experience. The Fintech Week in Tel Aviv engages industry’s key players, influencers, and innovators and delves into key themes in order to address new social issues, the investment environment, the ethics of fintech solutions, and more.
  22. Blockchain Expo North America 2024
    For ambitious Blockchain enthusiasts who seek to explore the latest innovations, and implement strategies within Blockchain, the Blockchain Expo will give you an opportunity to network with attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors in order to discover how to drive your business forward. Explore how Blockchain impacts and changes on a range of industries – from manufacturing and transport, to energy and healthcare. Expect to see multiple forms of real-life experiences including solo presentations, expert panel discussions, and in-depth fireside chats. 
  23. Smarter Faster Payments
    Technological developments and Big Data are making payments faster and smarter, enhancing user experience, enriching decision making, and ensuring greater security. If you or your business are a diverse, innovation-driven organization consider Smarter Faster Payments a way to learn and engage in conversations about the latest trends in the payments industry. Get actionable, leading-edge education from more than 120 sessions presented by payments industry leaders at this fintech conference. 
  24. Crypto and Digital Assets Summit
    As technology, Web 3.0, and digital innovations continue to evolve, the Crypto and Digital Assets Summit returns with a multi day event focusing on key areas – markets, regulation, and technology. Covering everything from the climate credentials of digital assets, crypto market consolidation, NFTs, overcoming regulatory challenges, exploring the metaverse, rebuilding trust in digital assets, and beyond, the conference will bring finance professionals to explore how the crypto industry is adapting following a year of uncertainty.
  25. InsurTech Spring Conference
    Insurance industry players such as carriers, brokers, and risk managers must work collaboratively to share data about assets and risks, and predict future market trends. The InsurTech Spring Conference provides a joint platform for them and other interested parties to do so by bringing together traditional insurers and insurtechs to discuss how to build better collaboration across the value chain. The conference plays a key role in facilitating a new form of cooperation and insurance industry innovation.  
  26. Pay360 Conference
    Pay360 is bringing banks, merchants, government, investors, fintechs, FIs, card providers, consultants, and solution providers in order to deliver significant business and product development guidance that yields success. You will leave this fintech conference knowing exactly what a successful and actionable product development plan for tomorrow should look like, what challenges you will face along the way, and who you need on your side to achieve your goals. 
  27. FinTech Junction
    The financial service industry is in desperate need of accelerating and developing their digital services, protecting their customer data, improving their customer experience, and increasing transparency of their online platforms. Junction dives into how some of these issues have been tackled and explores how fintechs solutions are disrupting the industry, while also being a key component of adaptation to the new normal. Junctions invites you and your business to stay relevant and maintain a competitive advantage.
  28. Paris Fintech Forum
    The Paris Fintech Forum features insightful panels, interviews, master classes, and their famous Fintech CEO pitches. These fintech conferences sessions are intimate and leverage public participation. This year’s special events include the “Paris Fintech Night”, the lunch for “Women in Fintech”, and a “Debate and Dinner” event. The conference totals three thematic sessions of speed meetings spread over the year, introduced each time by a top level panel. 
  29. Future Digital Finance
    The future of banking is digital and the Future Digital Finance experience will equip you with the ability to prioritize digital strategies that enhance customer experience, create opportunities for future innovation, and adopt digital business solutions. Whether you attend the fintech conference in person or dive into some of their online materials – publications, online portals, or case study presentations, Future Digital Finance will get you niche learning opportunities and actionable strategies. 
  30. Benzinga Fintech & Digital Assets Conference
    Join the biggest gathering of capital markets fintech leaders to learn how to win business,, make critical connections, and steal market share. You are likely to meet more B2B fintech leaders than you typically would in a year, uncover how leaders drove abnormal success, and celebrate innovation in fintech with the 8th Annual Global Fintech Awards. 
  31. Fintech Meetup
    This B2B fintech conference is composed of “Fintech Meetup Content”, “Community Content”, and “Sponsored Content.” Covering all of the latest innovations, trends, and technologies, from banking, lending, and payments to risk, security, and blockchain, this conference offers experience through four different formats – general sessions, track sessions, solutions spotlight, and tabletalks. Whether you want to learn how to close deals, forge partnerships, or learn new things, Fintech Meetup is a place for you. 
  32. The Trading Show
    The Trading Show is a Chicago native, once-a-year exhibition for automated trading and exchange technologies that presents market analysis and quality assurance systems, devices for electronic trading, and trading networks and software. Accompanying the exhibition is a four-subject conference: Quant World, Big Data, Exchange Technologies, and Automated Trading. As digital issues arise, intersect, and adapt, investors, traders, and financial firms should see the Trading Show as an opportunity to keep themselves ahead of their competition. 
  33. The Africa Fintech Summit
    Supported by fintech innovators, focused leaders, and tech pioneers, the Africa Fintech Summit is a unique space that explores cutting-edge ideas, mobilizes investments, and helps form collaborations across sectors and regions. With the goal of revolutionizing the finance industry in Africa, the AFTS is more than a cut-and-dry technology conference. If you are willing to enact change, foster one-on-one connections, and collectively address and solve industry challenges, while working with an international audience, the AFTS is a must-attend. 
  34. FinovateEurope
    Delivering value for over 10 years, being fast-paced, curated, and right to the point have been only some of the attributes that make FinovateEurope unique from other speaking conferences. You will be shown more than 30 product demos, hear from over 100 insightful speakers, and make meaningful connections which will power your business with the right tools to succeed. With FinovateEurope, be a part of the transformation. 
  35. FinovateFall
    Returning to New York City in the Fall of 2024, FinovateFall marks the return to in-person events, and presents an opportunity to reconnect with the fintech community and chart a roadmap for the future. Whether you are looking for financial solutions, expert advice from industry influencers, or networking opportunities, FinovateFall will be your guide to gain new leads, elevate your brand, and grow as a leader.

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