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What You’ll Learn as a Channel V Media Intern

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My favorite thing about working as a Channel V Media intern is that I am never scared to ask for help. If I don’t know how to complete a certain task, I feel comfortable reaching out to anyone in the agency for guidance. Everyone who works at Channel V Media is very kind and accepting to all of the interns. I also love learning new things here; every day I learn a new skill or learn something new about the industry. Picking a company to intern at is a big decision. 

Here are some things you will learn as a Channel V Media intern

Learn about the PR Industry

At Channel V Media, we are always learning. Every Thursday we have CVM University for the interns. Each week is a different topic about important information to learn in public relations and marketing for a client. CVM University is an hour long and we learn from the different people in the company. This includes account coordinators, account executives and even the president. Learning from experienced professionals is a great opportunity. We are able to ask questions and gain a better understanding about how this will help us in our career. 

My favorite topic we’ve discussed in CVM University is, How to Build a Brand. We learned how a brand is built from the bottom up and were shown the business side of Instagram and how this tool can help a brand grow. We were also shown a PowerPoint with important information, and this was shared with us so we can always refer to it. It was very interesting to see all the work that is involved behind the scenes to create and maintain a successful brand. 

This internship is teaching me essential information about public relations that is not taught in the classroom. Everything we learn in CVM University we get to practice and employees help us.

Open Communication Between Channel V Media Interns and the the Agency 

As an intern, I can reach out to anyone in the company for help. If I have a question or need someone to look over my work, I am encouraged to reach out. I really enjoy getting to know the employees at Channel V Media, and everyone has made an effort to make me feel welcomed. My first interaction with Channel V Media was at a communications job and internship fair through my college. I had a great conversation with an account coordinator and an intern. They were both so friendly and helpful. My first thought was that this is a place I want to work. Being an intern with Channel V Media has been a lot of fun and everyone is very encouraging.

Connecting With the Other Interns Throughout the Day

There are nine interns currently at Channel V Media, and I work closely on projects with three of them. The interns are split into two groups based on the days we’re working, and I enjoy the interns I am working with. We work on media lists and do research together. We also collaborate on ideas for campaigns and ask each other questions. We’ve all gotten closer this summer and will definitely stay in touch. I really enjoy working with the other interns and everyone always puts forth their best work. 

Creating Relationships With the Clients 

Interns are assigned to certain clients to work on throughout the summer, and we sit on weekly client calls. We get to see the process of decisions and thinking first hand. It also allowed me to see the clients are normal people just like the rest of us. All the interns introduced ourselves to the client and everyone was very friendly. It is very interesting to see how Channel V Media communicates with their clients and is able to effectively deliver results.  

Exposure to a Variety of Clients 

Channel V Media has clients in different industries. Each intern is currently assigned two clients to work on. Then, we will switch and have the opportunity to work on projects for the other clients. I am currently working on Bluecore and Fortune & Frame. Bluecore is a retail marketing technology company and Fortune & Frame is a jewelry brand. Each client has a specific audience and publications that they are aiming for. I love that I get to learn information from these different industries and how to reach different audiences. 

More Than a PR Agency 

Channel V Media does more than public relations. This agency also creates marketing strategies and specifically caters to each individual client’s needs. As an intern, this provides many different opportunities. Some interns are focusing on writing, others on social media, and some are creating digital illustrations. There are many different areas to develop your skills as an intern at Channel V Media. 

Opportunities to Expand Your Skills

This is not an internship where you will be getting coffee and making copies all day! There are endless opportunities at Channel V Media. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had the opportunity to write mock pitches, research trends for clients, write blogs, create media lists, email journalists, and much more. My work is reviewed by an employee at Channel V Media, so they can tell me how to improve. Being able to practice these skills is my favorite part about this internship! 

Incoming interns should be excited to start with Channel V Media! This is a great place to be. You will become more experienced and skilled while having a lot of fun. I am so happy and grateful for my time at Channel V Media. If you are an incoming intern always remember to be yourself and be willing to learn. Good luck to everyone starting their internships

Lessons you’ll learn as a Channel V Media intern:

  • All about the PR industry and marketing
  • The importance of open communications and building connections
  • Exposure to a variety of clients

About Channel V Media

Welcome to Channel V Media (CVM). We’re an award-winning PR and communications agency, founded in 2008.

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