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15 Ways Your Company Can Salvage Its Reputation During A Crisis [Forbes]

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Channel V Media‘s Gretel Going talks to Forbes about crisis management tactics that companies can use to turn their reputation around.

Rumors have been spreading about your company. Perhaps a product has flaws that should have been found before they were shipped, some of the people working for the company are facing ugly rumors or accusations, or your company simply made an error in judgment. Regardless, the brand’s reputation has taken a hit and has the potential to spiral into a long-term issue, given enough time.

According to Gretel Going, President of NYC PR firm Channel V Media, the last thing you want to do is belabor an apology.

“Crises are more often the result of mistakes than intentionally malicious acts. In either case, a company should own what’s gone wrong, articulate where and how they made the misstep, and share a plan of action. But don’t make the mistake of belaboring the apology. That’s where self-awareness and responsibility transform into guilt, which can make a company appear suspect, even when it isn’t.   – Gretel GoingChannel V Media

Read about crisis management in the complete article in Forbes. In this article, Forbes Agency Council members are sharing their advice on the crisis management tactics they recommend companies use to turn their reputation around.

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