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Hanging out with Kelly Samardak of MediaPost

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Kelly SamardakWelcome to “Friday Fun Days”-CVMonologues’ new feature where we tell you all the dirt (in a nice way) on a reporter or editor or other media type who we’ve recently had drinks with. Of course, Friday Fun Days won’t necessarily be fun nor will they necessarily be on Fridays, but we’re big fans of alliteration, so there you have it. Now, let’s hang out with Kelly! Kelly writes Just an Online Minute-a MediaPost event blog. That’s right, her job is to go to parties and then write about them. We knew opportunity when we saw it, so every now and then we get to tag along to events as Kelly’s plus-one. We met Kelly back in May when we threw PostAdvertising.com‘s launch party. Needless to say, the party was amazing and she said as much in her column. We like to reward nice reporters with free drinks, so that’s how ‘Drinks with Kelly’ was born. Some might call this bribery. They’re probably right. Oh well. Drinks with Kelly took place at Agave in the W. Village. Naturally the night involved guacamole, margaritas and tortilla chips bedecked with slabs of aioli-laden tuna. Our two hours went as one might expect: We filled the night with totally inappropriate conversations that made our barman blush. We also confirmed our theory that drinks with a reporter is no place to talk about work. What did we learn? Well, Kelly lives in the East Village; she doesn’t tend to like parties that don’t have food/drinks; she likes margaritas; she’s more like a dog than a cat because a cat stops eating when it’s full (whereas a dog will eat until its stomach bursts); she used to work at IBM; she’s one of those lovely reporters who responds to all pitches/invitations, even if she doesn’t plan to cover them; and she can’t find a thing to wear to the Virgin Mobile Festival this weekend. Other things you should know about Kelly: She calls her boyfriend by his last name. Her sparkly new shoes completely demolished her feet on the way over to drinks. According to a recent party-thrower, she has fantastic karma. We totally saw her aura and it was a nice shade of purple. If you have a cool event coming up, you should invite her-but not if the drinks aren’t free. Also, make sure she’s allowed to bring a plus-one!

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