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Walking Away

Lessons from Channel V Media

August 26, 2008

This blog post was written by our former super-intern Will Henchy. If you got here by googling his name because you’re wondering if you should hire him, the answer is yes. He’s fantastic. Otherwise, enjoy his posts–they’re pretty great.

It turns out that this whole working and living in New York was quite the learning experience. In between the life lessons I learned about paying rent (the lesson? It sucks) and supporting myself, I managed to learn quite a bit at my internship that didn’t involve balancing twenty Starbucks cups. This, frankly, was awesome.

Naturally, CVM’s other intern, Nicole, wrote a post about all of those lessons first.

So since Nicole already took all of the profound stuff, I figure I’ll write about some of the less serious things I learned. So without further ado, the things I learned at Channel V Media are:

  1. How to work the entire internet. Ok, not really, but I went from a vague understanding of XHTML and CSS to being kind of great at it. Seriously. I’m brilliant. Not Gretel brilliant, but you know, brilliant.
  2. Blogging is inexplicably time consuming. “Hey Will can you write a post for the blog?” “Sure guys!” Suddenly it’s two hours later and I’m just finishing writing a two page blog post. Where did all that time go? I couldn’t begin to guess, but I can tell you that blogging isn’t as quick and mindless as print journalists might have you believe.
  3. People are not so good at this whole “Internet” thing. It’s surprising, because I never thought of new media as a particularly difficult-to-grasp concept. Apparently, however, it is. Luckily for these folks, though, they don’t need to be very good at it. They just need to be smart enough to hire someone who is.
  4. Journalists find puns highly entertaining. Self-expunatory.
  5. People want new ways to stalk each other. I don’t know why, but people love stalking. I love it, you love it, heck, my mom loves it. It seems that a social network’s value can be measured in its stalker potential as much as its connection potential (exception: LinkedIn). Heck, Google analytics is useful for stalking. It’s wild, and I’m just as guilty of it as everyone else.

Needless to say, even with all of these lessons under my belt (plus, you know, the deep serious stuff Nicole learned) I’m pretty bummed to be done at CVM. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go stalk my old bosses on Facebook to make myself feel better.

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