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New e-Book: “GOING SOCIAL…” Developing a Social Media Program for Your Business, Your brand or Your Clients

By Gretel Going

June 9, 2009

We’re just as sick of reading about social media as everyone else out there, but despite all of the available literature, we can’t help but notice that people are still in need of some serious coaching in this space…

In our new (and free) e-book—GOING SOCIAL… 12 key things you must consider when developing a social media program for your business, your brand, or your clients—we set out to answer the following question once and for all:

What’s so difficult about social media anyway?

The short answer? The “social” part…

Look strictly at the traditional offerings of the different types of marketing agencies out there, and it’s quickly apparent that it’s more than hierarchy and bureaucracy making it difficult for traditional marketing agencies (or even in-house marketing departments) to roll out their “social media programs.” It’s the fact that they have to reorganize and learn new skills in order to offer something they’ve never offered before.

In this glorious e-book, you will learn:

  • Why bad social media happens to good brands
  • What it takes to get noticed

The unique functions of social media

  • Where social media falls in the traditional marketing mix
  • The difference between a social media campaign and a social media program

And, as promised, 12 things you must consider when creating a social media program for your brand, company or clients:

  1. Audience Identification
  2. Platform Development & Design
  3. Brand Campaign Integration
  4. Content Creation/Coordination
  5. Goal Mapping
  6. Brand Identity/Purity
  7. Audience Generation
  8. Social Media Listening
  9. Community & Social Responsibility
  10. Internal/External Community Engagement & Response
  11. Brand Advocacy
  12. Customer Service

Did we mention that it’s glorious? Also, beautifully designed and accessible. Ahem.

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