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Top 30 MarTech/AdTech Awards You Should Apply For

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As the world’s demand for digital experiences grows, the AdTech and MarTech industry is becoming increasingly essential for companies to measure their data and optimize their efforts for success.

Because of this growth, the industry is inundated with competition, making it imperative for Adtech and Martech companies to differentiate themselves from others in the market. One of the best ways to do this is by applying for – and winning- industry awards. Below, we have compiled a list of the 30 best MarTech and AdTech awards to apply for that will help companies differentiate their business and validate their work.

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Top 30 Martech/Adtech Awards

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1. Sales and Marketing “SAMMY” Award

The SAMMY award highlights global leaders, technologies, and organizations that are finding new ways to overcome obstacles when it comes to interacting with prospects and customers. The award celebrates those who are innovatively bridging the gap between companies and consumers. 

2. MarTech Breakthrough Awards

Every year since 2018, the MarTech Breakthrough Awards recognizes the technologies and services that are transforming how brands create personalized experiences for each customer interaction. The awards honor excellence and recognize successful products, technologies, and companies within both MarTech and AdTech. 

3. MarTech Awards 

Led by Innovation in Business, the MarTech Awards showcase the technological innovators in the marketing sector that have contributed towards presenting the industry with the success that it carries today. Individuals and companies alike will be recognized for their technology, achievements, commitment, and dedication.

4. Martequity Awards 

Brands, agencies, and solution providers that are doing exemplary work in the MarTech industry are honored by the Martequity Awards. Those who have implemented MarTech initiatives that increased overall audience experience, allowed for personalized communication, and improved engagement are perfect nominees for this award. 

5. The Stackies Awards 

The Stackies are one of the most educational award programs in marketing. Each year, dozens of organizations enter their marketing stack – the collection of marketing software they use. The awards program then publishes them for free so that everyone in marketing can learn from the examples. Microsoft, Cisco, Philips, Autodesk, Verizon, Whirlpool, Sargento, SAS, United Healthcare, Airstream, and Paychex, are just some of the companies that have participated. 

6. The Digiday Technology Awards 

The Digiday Technology Awards honors the technology that is modernizing media and marketing. Throughout the years, work from Adobe, SpotX, Twitch, and Piano have all been recognized. 


7. CSI Awards 

The CSI awards are one of the most competitive and prestigious technology awards within the industry. They recognize innovation and merit in the cable, satellite, broadcast, IPTV, telco, broadband/OTT video, mobile TV, and associated areas. With the onset of streaming services and their success in growing ad revenue, the awards have a specific category for “Best AdTech Technology or Solution.” 

8. NDA Heroes Awards

For the second year in a row, New Digital Age is celebrating AdTech, the media, and the publishing industry. The NDA Heroes Awards recognize those in the digital industry who are creating positive change for their clients, colleagues, and the industry as a whole. 

9. Model D & <IT> List Awards 

Hosted by Cynopsis, the Model D & <IT> List Awards honors companies and individuals who are moving the industry forward, and who are creating innovative advertising, ad tech, online video content and more. In addition, these awards are given to those leading and creating new standards of Diversity & Inclusion, Social Good, and collaboration. 

10. The AdExchanger Awards  

Within the “Best Use of Technology by an Agency” category, the AdExchanger Awards recognizes agencies that have shown an exceptional ability to work with top technology platforms dealing with identity, buying, measuring, and more. These agencies have a thorough understanding of different platforms and how to best use them to assist their clients. 

11. Global Tech Awards 

Recognizing the very best in technology, the Global Tech Awards highlight organizations that are creating change within the technology industry as a whole. The awards underscore excellence in many sectors, one of them being AdTech. The Awards are based on 6 areas including Innovation, Impact, Reach, User Experience, Sustainability, and Collaboration. 

12. The Drum Awards 

The Drum Awards is an annual event for the global marketing community that celebrates every key marketing discipline. There are multiple categories for digital advertising agencies specifically covering industries from food and beverage to pharma. As a highly regarded and well-known competition, the awards will give honored work international prestige. 

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13. The Clio Awards 

Founded in 1959, the Clio Awards celebrates excellence and innovation in advertising, design, and communication. It recognizes work that pushes the advertising industry forward, inspires new creative ideas, and promotes connections within the creative community. Judged by an international panel of professionals, the awards bring together and honor industry leaders. 

14. Shorty Awards 

An international awards competition, the Shorty Awards recognizes brands, agencies, and organizations that are creating innovative content across digital and social platforms. A few categories include Small Agency of the Year, Mobile Campaign, and Brand Awareness Campaign.

15. Effie Awards

For more than 50 years, the Effie Awards have symbolized global achievement and are well-known internationally for their esteem. These awards acknowledge all types of marketing that contribute to a brand’s success. 

16. D&AD Awards

The D&AD Awards collect international creative work in the commercial design, advertising, production, and craft disciplines. The awards celebrate the rigor and integrity that go into idea creation in these fields of work, and are judged by over 330 global creative leaders, practitioners, and innovators. 

17. ADC Annual Awards 

The ADC Annual Awards celebrates the best in design and craft. It honors creatives and the excellent work they have made across many disciplines including graphic design, publishing, advertising, photography, and many more. 

18. AICP Awards 

Since 1992, the AICP Show: The Art & Technique of the Commercial, has been creating an archive of cultural and artistic work. The work that is honored in the show is preserved in the MOMA to serve as a source of education and inspiration for future generations. These awards celebrate innovative and creative commercials that are leading the industry. 

19. The American Advertising Awards

The advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, The American Advertising Awards gather over 25,000 entries per year. The goal of these awards is to highlight and appreciate creativity and excellence in the art of advertising. 

20. The ANDY Awards

The ANDY Awards is a prestigious program that celebrates the finest in advertising creativity. The award recognizes excellence in ideas, craft, creative bravery, and innovation. With no categories it is ensured that entries are viewed in equal weight. Past winners include DDB with Skittles and VMLY&R with Dell Technologies and Intel.

21. The One Show 

For 50 years, The One Show has been honoring work within the advertising, design, and digital marketing fields. The “Gold Pencil” is regarded as one of the top prizes in the creative industry, and The One Show has a legacy of celebrating innovative and original ideas created by some of the greatest creative minds. 

22. The ARF David Ogilvy Awards

The ARF David Ogilvy Awards underscore research -and insights- driven advertising. The awards are dedicated to David Ogilvy, who founded the agency “Ogilvy,” and paved the path for the fundamentals of advertising that are still in use today. The awards honor Ogilvy’s progressive belief in the importance of research behind successful advertising. 

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23. The REGGIE Awards

The best brand, media, and brand activation marketing campaigns are all recognized by the REGGIEs. Winners are chosen by a jury of industry leaders who are looking at marketing that elevates brand image and drives specific consumer actions. 

24. The Summit Awards 

Administering three distinguished award competitions every year, the Summit Awards recognizes outstanding work within the communications and marketing industry. It is the most prestigious organization that gives out marketing awards specifically and exclusively for firms that have limited billings. 

25. The Content Marketing Awards 

The Content Marketing Awards is the largest and longest-running international content marketing awards program. They honor the best in visual storytelling, editorial, distribution, and strategy. 

26. The Brand Impact Awards 

Everyyear, the Brand Impact Awards celebrates both consistency and creative distinction in the branding sector. The awards accept campaigns with branding created from the ground up, as well as campaigns that add to or enhance existing brands. Judges look for consistent quality of idea and execution across two or more brand touchpoints. 

27. The Killer Content Awards

The Killer Content Awards celebrate brands that are driving real results through creativity. The program highlights the brands that prioritize innovation and unconventional ideas to keep audiences intrigued. Interactive Content, Multi-Touch Campaigns, and Account-Based Marketing Campaigns are a few of the categories brands can enter. 

29. B2B Marketing Awards

Internationally recognized as the gold standard for greatness in creativity along with commercial effectiveness in B2B, the B2B Marketing Awards are highly acclaimed. The awards celebrate the industry leaders setting new standards and raising expectations in B2B marketing – demonstrating that it can be both as creative and innovative as B2C campaigns.

30. The Communicator Awards

The Communicator Awards highlights excellence, effectiveness, and innovation within the field of communication. These awards celebrate work that goes beyond craft, moves people, and makes a lasting impact. All entrants have an equal chance of winning regardless of company/agency size or budget.

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