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Top 50 Food and Beverage Trade Outlets to Pitch

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There is much more to the food and beverage industry than meets the eye. Beyond recipes, cuisines, and restaurants there are a large range of topics to discuss on the business side of the industry. Because of this it can be difficult to decipher exactly which outlets are relevant to your client and their specific needs. 

Whether you’re looking to discuss sustainable food practices, packaging and processing, the latest in mobile ordering and subscription services or how to improve business operations, there’s a publication for even the most niche food and beverage topics. 

I’ve included 50 of the top food and beverage trade outlets below. By differentiating each publication from the next, you’ll find outlets to pitch that are perfectly suited to match your clients’ unique needs.

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Top 50 Food and Beverage Trade Outlets to Pitch

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Food Trades

  1. Eat This, Not That
    Eat This, Not That is the world’s number 1 nutrition website and one of the top 5 food outlets in the U.S. The publication covers breaking food and restaurant news coverage, healthy eating guides, and more to empower readers to make healthier food choices every day through expert and research backed articles.
  2. Food Business News
    This online publication provides daily news and insights on a plethora of topics including food trends, ingredient developments, business strategy and food regulation issues. This outlet also includes several additional smaller publications that discuss topics like the business of baking and dairy processing. 
  3. Food Dive
    Food Dive is an online platform with a team of journalists and industry experts that provide in-depth coverage on food safety, consumer trends, sustainability and supply chain management. This resource also contains valuable industry resources such as upcoming events, job listings, and breaking news on distributors and manufacturers. 
  4. Refrigerated and Frozen Foods
    Refrigerated and Frozen Foods covers the latest news, trends and innovations in the industry. This online resource features articles and editorial content on a wide range of topics, including food safety, product development, packaging technology, and distribution logistics. 
  5. Deli Market News
    Deli Market News has articles covering new product releases, market trends, and consumer preferences. It also discusses  innovation and product development. One unique aspect of Deli Market News is its news columns such as “Quick Bite,” “What’s in Store” and “Behind the Counter.” 
  6. Food Engineering Magazine
    Food Engineering Magazine is a print and online publication with a focus on food manufacturing. Food “Engineering” involves topics such as sustainable practices, automation, food manufacturing and processing. This magazine is geared towards an audience of industry professionals such as engineers, supply chain managers, quality control specialists and production managers. 
  7. RNR Restaurant News
    RNR Restaurant News is a valuable resource for restaurant professionals, providing comprehensive coverage of the restaurant industry and offering insights and analysis on the latest trends and innovations shaping the business. This publication covers a wide range of topics related to the restaurant business, including industry trends, restaurant openings and closures, menu innovations and technology advancements. 
  8. Food Industry Executive
    Food Industry Executive is an online publication which discusses trends, processing, technology and research within the food management industry. The website includes various industry reports and case studies to inform their target audience of high-level food service executives. 
  9. Food Industry News
    This publication features articles on trends, new products, mergers and acquisitions and updates on food safety and regulations. Food Industry News also regularly does interviews with industry experts and provides coverage of events and conferences relating to the food industry. 
  10. The Food Institute
    The Food Institute is a non-profit organization that contains information on manufacturing, retail and agriculture related to foodservice. The Food Institute was founded in 1928 and has since been helping food industry professionals make informed decisions and developments for their organization or business. 
  11. Food Logistics
    Food Logistics is a publication largely focused on discussing the global food supply chain. This online resource covers innovations, regulations and best practices in supply chain management. Other technical aspects of the industry such as transportation, automation and warehousing are also discussed on the outlet’s digital platform. 
  12. Food Management
    Food Management focuses specifically on news and insights on non-commercial foodservice operations. It is designed to provide professional chefs, managers and foodservice directors with information on nutrition, menu planning and culinary trends. 
  13. FoodMarket
    FoodMarket is a leading news source for agribusiness professionals covering food business news across North America. The publication reports on the latest developments in poultry, egg and meat markets. They also provide statistics and surveys on food production, processing and distributing. 
  14. Food Navigator
    Food Navigator is designed for food industry professionals such as suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. The publication aims to help its readers stay informed about the latest developments in the industry and make informed decisions that can drive growth and profitability. The website includes specific sections for discussing suppliers, markets, regulations and trends. 
  15. Food On Demand
    Food On Demand specifically discusses trends and innovations surrounding mobile ordering and food delivery services. The website has webinars, articles, and contains downloadable pamphlets surrounding digital ordering and food delivery business. Food On Demand also hosts an annual in-person conference where industry executives are invited to come together and examine technologies, business models, consumer preferences and behaviors. 
  16. Food Technology
    This magazine features articles, columns and professionally developed insights on food safety and regulations. Food Technology also covers health and sustainability as it relates to food science and offers insight on events and career development within the industry.
  17. Food Trade News
    Food Trade News is an online publication which contains market studies, columns, event photos and news articles around supermarkets and major food distributors. Food news topics commonly covered include supermarkets, supply chain management, prominent business trends and interviews with industry professionals. 
  18. NOSH
    NOSH is a resource that provides valuable insights on natural, sustainable, organic and healthy food and food industry developments. The website also contains a section for feature articles, supplier news and a job board. 
  19. Perishable News
    Perishable News primarily discusses marketing, merchandising, management and food procurement for various perishable food and produce groups. This free resource covers various perishable categories such as meat and poultry, produce, seafood, dairy, deli and florals. The publication offers daily articles as well as a number of different email subscriptions and newsletters. 
  20. Progressive Grocer
    Progressive Grocer contains informational guides for conscious and intentful grocery shopping. This online platform includes articles on food service brands and how to make smarter shopping habits to fit your needs. 
  21. SeafoodSource
    Seafood Source discusses localized and global news surrounding the seafood industry. It covers topics including aquaculture, environmental trends, seafood health and safety, retail and foodservice, and supply and trade among others. 
  22. Supermarket Guru
    Supermarket Guru identifies and explains consumer trends throughout several companies and trade associations. Founder Phil Lempert brings his expertise in consumerism and retail trends to the food and beverage world to educate food business leaders in their purchasing and marketing decisions. 
  23. Supermarket Perimeter
    Supermarket Perimeter is a publication that provides news and insights on the grocery retail industry, with a focus on the fresh perimeter departments. The publication covers various aspects of the industry, including bakery, deli, meat, produce, seafood, and dairy departments. It is designed for professionals in the grocery retail industry, including retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers. 
  24. The Packer
    The Packer is a newspaper and online platform discussing supply chain management and harvesting of practices for fresh fruit and vegetable produce. This outlet is primarily targeted towards retailers and food service buyers, as well as vegetable growers, packers, shippers and fresh-cut processors. 
  25. The Spoon
    The Spoon discusses various aspects of the food industry revolving around new technology and innovations. The website includes deep dive interviews, newsletters, podcasts and videos providing insight into the world of food technology. 
  26. Food Ingredients First
    This online resource informs food ingredient suppliers, manufacturers and retailers on the latest developments in food science and technology. The website also includes multimedia news reports where readers can search by category for the most recent updates on the ingredient or food group of their choosing. 
  27. Modern Restaurant Management
    Modern Restaurant Management is an online platform that allows professionals to stay up-to-date with the most recent trends and news. It provides restaurant owners and food service operators with the most recent management strategies, tips and tricks to maximize their business functions and profitability. 
  28. Quality Assurance & Food Safety
    This publication reports on regulatory updates, food safety guidelines, best practices, and technologies for ensuring the safety and quality of food products. It features articles and case studies from industry experts, researchers, and food safety professionals. Some topics touched on include foodborne illness prevention, HACCP, sanitation and allergen management. 
  29. Vegconomist
    Vegconomist is a business magazine for the vegan and plant-based community. It Includes a host of informational online articles on topics including fashion, beauty, food and scientific innovations surrounding plant-based and meatless products. 
  30. FoodChain Magazine
    FoodChain Magazine is a trade publication that is distributed in print and digital formats. The magazine consists of product reviews, case studies and feature articles. Topics discussed in this magazine include latest trends, technologies and best practices in food processing, packaging and production. 
  31. Gastronomica
    This quarterly journal explores various social, cultural and historical dimensions of food. Gastronomica features essays, articles and reviews written by journalists, food writers and scholars from around the world. This unique journal discusses topics such as politics, identity, film,  literature and environmentalism as they relate to food and food production.
  32. Modern Farmer
    Modern Farmer is a quarterly print and digital publication that focuses on farming and food culture. This outlet discusses topics related to food systems and agriculture and allows farmers and other food producers to discuss issues such as animal welfare, food politics and sustainability. 
  33. Prepared Foods
    This platform includes articles and a digital eMagazine that discusses food by ingredients, products, formulations and health benefits. The online publication also includes links to podcasts, webinars, polls and upcoming events.
  34. Restaurant Magazine
    Restaurant Magazine provides news, features and business insights on the global restaurant industry. This online resource discusses the latest in culinary technology, restaurant design, food marketing and hospitality. The publication is largely aimed at industry professionals such as chefs, food and beverage managers and hospitality liaisons.  
  35. Pizza Today
    This publication features articles and news related to pizza industry trends, restaurant management, marketing strategies, and product innovation. Pizza Today also has articles on pizza recipe development, pizza-making equipment and industry events. 
  36. Total Food Service
    Total Food Service is a monthly trade publication that covers the foodservice industry in the New York City metropolitan area. This digital and print magazine covers topics such as restaurant news, product trends, kitchen equipment and technology in the foodservice industry. 
  37. Food&
    Food& focuses on sustainability and ethical practices within the food industry while featuring the minds behind the dishes. The publication has gained a following among food enthusiasts and industry professionals for their discussions on the cultural and social aspects of food.

Beverage Trades

  1. Wine Spectator
    Wine Spectator is a well-known magazine and website dedicated to all things wine. It was founded in 1976 and has since become a leading authority on wine and wine culture. Wine Spectator offers a wide range of content including wine reviews, news and features about the wine industry, interviews with winemakers as well as educational articles about wine regions. 
  2. BevNet
    BevNet offers a range of content, including industry news and analysis, reviews of new products and flavors, interviews with industry leaders and innovators, and educational resources for beverage entrepreneurs and professionals.
  3. Beverage Digest
    Beverage Digest discusses news, analytics and innovations. Beginning in 1982, Beverage Digest has been providing readers with premium insights on all things wine, spirits, beer, coffee and tea. 
  4. Beverage Online
    Beverage Online covers trends, product updates, packaging and distribution within the global beverage industry. The website also includes opportunities for professionals within the industry to connect with one another and utilize informational resources such as webinars, articles and supplier directories.
  5. Beverage Industry News
    Beverage Industry News (BIN) is the go-to magazine for marketers and professionals working within the beverage industry. Currently in their 89th year of publishing, BIN is available in both print and digital formats, covering a wide range of beverages. The magazine also discusses topics such as market trends, mixology and introductions to the newest products. 
  6. VinePair
    VinePair is an online publication that focuses on wine, beer, and spirits culture. VinePair covers a plethora of beverage industry topics including reviews of wine, beer, and spirits, as well as cocktail recipes, industry news, seasonal taste guides and interviews with industry professionals.

Food & Beverage Trades

  1. HuffPost: Food & Drink
    The Food & Drink section of HuffPost features articles written by food experts, chefs, nutritionists and food bloggers who share their insights and opinions on various food-related topics. This section also includes recipes from around the world, with step-by-step instructions and photos to help readers recreate the dishes at home. 
  2. Food & Wine
    Food & Wine is a prestigious magazine that covers all aspects of the culinary world, including food, wine, cocktails, travel, and entertainment. It provides readers with the latest news, insights, and analysis on the food and wine industry, including emerging trends, culinary techniques, and cultural influences on food and drink. 
  3. Food and Beverage Tech Review
    This resource contains news articles surrounding innovations and recent updates on food and beverage technologies. This specific review has branches across the United States, Europe and the Asian-Pacific for world-wide coverage of vendors, conferences, awards and news surrounding food and beverage technologies. 
  4. Food Beverage Insider
    Food Beverage Insider is a digital media magazine that provides insights on consumer packaged goods and supports the development of clean labels, natural ingredients and healthy food and beverage products. The magazine contains data and analytics on supply chain and regulatory issues affecting the production of certain products.
  5. QSR Magazine
    QSR Magazine is a media outlet focused on the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant industry. The magazine provides news, analysis, and insights on trends, technology, operations, marketing, and finance related to the restaurant industry. 
  6. Robb Report – Food & Drink
    The Food & Drink section of the Robb Report discusses high-end and luxury dining, drinks, cigars and spirits. The online magazine provides news, product reviews and ratings on high-end food, drinks and dining services. 
  7. The Art of Eating
    The Art of Eating is a food and wine magazine founded in 1986 by Edward Behr, a food writer and publisher. It is a quarterly publication that focuses on in-depth, scholarly articles about food and wine, with an emphasis on traditional and artisanal products. The magazine’s articles cover a wide range of topics, including food history, culinary traditions, cooking techniques, wine and spirits and food culture.

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