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Making the Invisible B2B Brand Visible

Establishing Infragistics as an Industry Leader
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The Value We Created

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    pieces of national and trade news

  • 100%

    of inbound marketing goals reached

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    new audiences attracted through PR

As Seen In:

Infragistics Press Hits including Forbes, Insider, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, SD Times, Grit Daily, Entrepreneur and DevOps Digest
The Challenge

Infragistics UI & UX toolkits are used by over 2 million developers and designers worldwide. But despite mass adoption, the company needed to grow awareness of their company and tools in the media and broader business industry.

Where CVM Came In

The company hired CVM to raise the profile of their brand, products and founder – as well as launch their newest product Slingshot into the overly saturated market.

We’ve had internal PR teams in the past but Channel V Media has multiplied the results and gotten our brand much higher-level exposure. We had never gotten coverage in large mainstream and business publications before working with the CVM team.
		Holly Fee
Infragistics Logo
Holly Fee, VP of Marketing

Here’s How We Did It

Infragistics press hits including Forbes and Info World

We Transformed The Conversation Around Infragistics

To drive awareness and coverage of Infragistics as a company as well as of their niche tool set, we determined narratives that would make their products accessible to the media and position them as leaders in the software industry.

Within one month the company had over 18 press hits and were aligned with Microsoft in top trade outlets. Infragistics’ media coverage is now a leading driver of inbound demand.

Forbes Infragistics Case Study Quote

We Introduced the Innovation Fund & Lab

As a company that has never accepted outside funding, Infragistics is unique in the software development industry. We built on this self-made foundation by working with Infragistics to introduce the Innovation Lab, an internal fund to spur employee innovation, and demonstrated to the media the exponential growth of the business.

Enterprise Mobility interview with Dean Guida

We Established Infragistics’ CEO as an Industry Visionary

We used CEO Dean Guida’s unique workplace philosophy to develop a brand image for him in the media. He is now a trusted source for other C-suite executives and aspiring entrepreneurs, appearing in top trade outlets and podcasts, and is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur.

Slingshot Press Infragistics

We Launched The New Digital Workplace, Slingshot

We highlighted Slingshot’s differentiators such as its ability to break down data barriers to stand out against other top players in the field like Asana and The platform is now highly visible in the media which has led to an exponential increase in users.

We don’t have sexy brands, but Channel V Media rises to the challenge of taking our B2B products and creating buzz around them in a way that I don’t think another PR agency could achieve. Any agency can write a press release, but creating momentum in the media and getting a ton of earned press is much more difficult.
		Holly Fee
Infragistics Logo
Holly Fee, VP of Marketing

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