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Standing Out in a Crowded Market

Making A Name for Slingshot
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The Value We Created

  • 700,000

    Active users of Slingshot projected within the first two years of its launch

  • 35+

    Pieces of media coverage on Slingshot in top tier business and technology outlets within 2 months of launch

  • 80+

    Thought leadership articles and commentary pieces featuring Slingshot Founder Dean Guida

As Seen In:

Slingshot Press Hits Collage including Entrepreneur, Enterprise Podcast Network, Built In, Enterprise Talk, Forbes and TDWI
The Challenge

Infragistics, the global software company known for its developer tools, needed help with the launch of its new digital workplace, Slingshot. With Slingshot, Infragistics entered a brand-new market, where first-movers like Asana and already had a majority of the market share.

Where CVM Came In

The Slingshot team worked with CVM to introduce the platform to the market and differentiate it from existing workplace solutions that were leading industry conversations.

Here’s How We Did It

Slingshot Press Hits Collage including Tech Target, SD Times, Enterprise Talk, Martech Cube, Aithority and Entrepreneur

We redefined the digital workplace—with Slingshot leading the change.

Before Slingshot entered the market, companies were cobbling together multiple point-solutions for their workers—spanning from chat to data analytics to project management. Many had dubbed this as their “digital workplace” but they were really just “working digitally”, which introduced its own set of challenges.

With the launch of Slingshot, CVM gave new meaning to the digital workplace.

Slingshot Tech Target Quote

We educated the media on gaps in the existing digital workplace—and quickly positioned Slingshot as the solution.

We identified key issues that companies had with the current options for creating a digital workplace, including app-switching, low productivity and little visibility across teams. We showcased how Slingshot solved for this by being an all-in-one, single workplace for teams.

Slingshot Press Collage including Silicon Angel, Datanami, Grit Daily, Tech Weekly, Tech Target and SD Times

We differentiated Slingshot through its ability to break down data barriers.

Industry analysts did not include data as part of their digital workplace definition. And employees avoided using data in their day-to-day work because it wasn’t readily accessible to them or easily understood.

We introduced data as something that was no longer just for data scientists—but something that everyday workers needed as part of their workplace stack to drive better business decisions.

Slingshot Business Teams Why Slingshot

We showcased how Slingshot turns insights into action for all teams.

We positioned Slingshot as the first platform to make companies’ data accessible to business users. We shared how Slingshot enables everyday workers to access and visualize data to identify trends, compare performance, and make better decisions.

Slingshot Press Highlights

We started ongoing conversations about creating data-driven organizations.

Slingshot Founder Dean Guida believes that data-driven decisions make for better business results. But those decisions can only happen when data exists at the center of an organization. 

We used this thinking to develop a bigger thought leadership program, with a heavy focus on the importance of data in business.

Slingshot Busines Teams Core Values

We established Slingshot as a workplace visionary.

Having spent 30+ years leading global software company Infragistics, Slingshot Founder Dean Guidea used these decades of learning, managing, collaborating and growing as a foundation for the Slingshot platform.

We brought the Slingshot philosophy to life by establishing Dean as an expert source on the digital workplace and beyond.

Enterprise Mobility with Dean Guida

We made Founder Dean Guida the go-to expert source on all things workplace.

We positioned Dean as a workplace thought leader and validated him through his experience as a Founder and Entrepreneur, CEO and overall industry expert.

We tapped CVM to launch our newest product, Slingshot, into the market and generate inbound leads through features in business, technology and trade outlets. The way they work brings creativity and uniqueness to our brands. They write and create material that’s on brand and we can use what they produce not only for PR, but also for our marketing materials. They’ve really built our CEO as a brand in his own right and highlighted his unique philosophy in the media.
		Holly Fee
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Holly Fee, VP of Marketing

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